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Posted on: December 14, 2010, at 11:02:44pm

Figured I'd make them public and organized.

[X]Achieve under 25,000 Overall Rank
[X]Achieve under 10,000 Overall Rank
[]Achieve under 5,000 Overall Rank
[]Achieve under 2,500 Overall Rank
[]Achieve under 1,000 Overall Rank

[X]Achieve under 10,000 Average Rank
[X]Achieve under 5,000 Average Rank
[x]Achieve under 2,500 Average Range
[]Achieve under 2,000 Average Rank
[]Achieve under 1,500 Average Rank
[]Achieve under 1,000 Average Rank

[X]AAA my first song
[]AAA all Difficulty 1 songs [1 left lol]
[]AAA all Difficulty 2 songs
[]AAA all Difficulty 3 songs
[]AAA all Difficulty 4 songs
[]50 AAA's
[]100 AAA's

[X]FC 100 songs
[]FC 50% of Public Songs {Token}
[x]FC all Difficulty 1-7 songs
[]FC all Difficulty 8 songs
[]FC all Difficulty 9 songs

[]Get as many tokens as I feel possible {need to go through and get a list of ones I feel are possible for me...}

[x]Achieve 1,000,000,000 Total Score
[]Achieve 2,500,000,000 Total Score
[]Achieve 4,000,000,000 Total Score

[x]10,000 Credits
[]20,040 Credits
[]50,000 Credits
[]100,000 Credits
[]??? Credits

[]Make myself a custom profile layout