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Comment wall
ddrking208860 writes...
at 12:07:28pm on 5/28/07
hello banna bread
SpeedyCake writes...
at 6:17:04pm on 5/26/07
Ive been to purple town before its beautiful! And Welcome to the speedies!!!
SpeedyTart writes...
at 6:15:56pm on 5/26/07
lol, Arizona, seriously

(hehehehehe) n.n
SpeedyTart writes...
at 6:15:11pm on 5/26/07
whee! now I can vote in good conscience n.n

The5thMoon writes...
at 6:14:02pm on 5/26/07
SpeedyTart writes...
at 6:12:56pm on 5/26/07
Hwhatever u think is best n.n
SpeedyTart writes...
at 6:09:28pm on 5/26/07
Gah! ur profile is teh coolness, but as the Mistress of Synchronized Sillyness, I must inform you that you are in breach of one of our clans most fundamental silly synchronizations. Your location!

I'm in Silly Town
Cake's in Lazy Town
Pie's in Crusty Town
Brownie's in Oven Town
Cookie's in Mean Town

Your in... Arizona? @.@?

*shakes finger*
concertm writes...
at 3:54:00pm on 5/26/07
Second person to post on your wall.
STINACHAN!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Synthlight writes...
at 3:25:36pm on 5/26/07
First person to post on your wall.