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Posted on: June 12, 2015, at 12:05:03pm

ya milestones r here

12/06/15: 2 Billion GT! 1 more billion till Veteran. Road to veteran anyone?

25/06/15: D4 on the leaderboard. I still consdier myself borderline, but I'm still really happy about this :)

28/07/15: St.Scarhand unlock! I don't know how I managed to get this.. I don't even have Speedvibe yet. But it was incredible! Sightread as well!

28/07/15: Speedvibe [Heavy] unlocked same day. I'm on a roll!

17/08/15: 3 billion GT. Grandtotal requirement for Veteran has been met.

18/08/15: 7,000 Skill Rating! Quite an achievement this is. Well, for me.

23/08/15: Speedvibe [Oni] get on Cloud Nine! Apparently, I'm god. D5 for real I guess?

24/08/15: Tier 1 achieved!

30/08/15: All secret songs unlocked + 200,000 credits!

12/09/15: 300 FCs!

21/09/15: D6 achieved!

10/10/15: 100 AAAs!

22/10/15: St. Scarhand [Heavy] finally unlocked!

12/06/16: Tier 2 achieved!

01/07/16: 400 FCs. That took way too long lol

05/07/16: 200 AAAs!

10/07/16: Promoted to D7!!!

24/07/16: 500 FCs!

11/08/16: Tier 3 achieved!

31/08/16: Top 50 on the leaderboards!

12/10/16: 600 FCs.

25/10/16: Top UK Player! (for now....)

17/04/18: Top 30 Global and OWA Raged At Home Run Derby Unlocked! Man, that token was long overdue, so it's about time :)

19/04/18: wtf Top 20?

29/04/18: 400 AAAs + 700 FCs!

13/05/18: Tier 4 achieved!

30/05/18: Reached Level 100. This is a pretty big one for me! I never, EVER thought I'd be saying this, but top 10 is within reach!

02/08/18: And there we have it. Top 10 Global. No words can really express how I feel as I type this haha. Now all that's left is getting top 8 in D7 then all of my goals here will be accomplished.

23/06/20: Wow, I haven't updated this in forever... things have really changed with the introduction of an entire division and way more players coming in from other VSRGs. Regardless, this is the day I finally broke past the Lvl 101 barrier and reached Division 8! Next stop, top 10 global (again) and a top 8 badge... maybe.


14/09/20: 10 Billion GT!

Highest AAA: Odd-22 (103)
Highest SDG: You Universe (104) (9-0-0-2)
Highest FC: Wanderflux (106) (11-0-0-4)

  1. Welp, congratulations on those milestones.
    Won't you include credits and GT like I did?

  2. I'll do GT every 1 billion. As for credits, I might as well include one when I hit 150k.

  3. Do you edit this whenever a new milestone has been reached?

  4. Yes

  5. What do you need for veteran beside the 3,000,000,000 GT?

  6. You need to be a member for a certain amount of time. For me it's 8 months.

  7. Dawg it's my life's goal to SDG goblin and you did it a year ago gg D: