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Well I'm Snopel. I live in the lone country of Australia and I originate from Italy. =) I have been referred to this site by a member named "Riickii". And since then I have been addicted... o_o I am also a member of the online community known as Deviantart. Everything you see in this profile is done from scratch by none other than myself! (Hence why the background is kinda lame...) The "Kid Buu Kirby" you see can also be found in my DeviantART profile. Why not stop by for a little? Maybe leave a comment or tell me what you think of my artwork? If you wish to visit, please follow the link at the bottom of this textbox. ^_^
My hobbies are basically all to do with electrical appliances, such as the Xbox360 and the computer... In terms of people, I like people who care and who are kind to all. But I hate Trolls and all people who delight in causing pain to others. I will track down whoever invented that trend and personally eat them alive! Oh and I enjoy drawing. =)
Fav Music:
It all depends. Sometimes I like metal, other times I like techno.
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Snopel writes...
at 3:44:31am on 3/29/11
*buu. And yes. Hehehe
Riickii writes...
at 1:42:03am on 3/29/11
HAHA boo kirby ?
Snopel writes...
at 6:56:22pm on 3/28/11
There. Now my profile looks sexy. =)
Riickii writes...
at 5:32:26am on 3/17/11
UR ON FFR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 luv ya bro... lol
Synthlight writes...
at 11:50:18pm on 3/16/11
First person to post on your wall.