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FFR Rank:8,879
FFR Average Rank:4,150
FFR Grandtotal Rank:6,948
FFR Grandtotal:1,351,001,940
FFR Games Played:5,501
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15 years of age,Competitive Brawlhalla player (Top 3 global), Shitty YouTuber, you'll never believe this, but I can actually drink water. I can also hold my breath for 2 minutes and 24 seconds. yeah .-.
beating you, Brawlhalla, rapping, wanking, soccer, swimming, and other things I guess
Fav Music:
K.A.A.N (Concealed The Outro, L.T.N) every Joyner Lucas song, Tonedeff (Velocity, Crispy (192) ft. Substantial, Hopsin (Rip Your Heart Out) ft. Tech N9ne
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ur moem
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LOVESTOSPLOOGE452 writes at 7:27:19am on 7/31/19
Also, if cocaine is just spicy flour does that mean radiation is just spicy air?
LOVESTOSPLOOGE452 writes at 7:25:21am on 7/31/19
Diggin the profile look home sprung
QueenAshy writes at 6:28:19pm on 10/27/18
Happy birthday!
Rapta writes at 7:21:37am on 7/23/18
Looks like Brawlhalla
Hayzeusky writes at 7:34:39pm on 7/1/18
look who changed their profile picture and stuff. Welcome back!
FirstMaple8 writes at 7:26:42pm on 3/6/18
yeah man totally if i get a huge plateau
FirstMaple8 writes at 2:13:49pm on 3/6/18
also nice brawlhalla art
FirstMaple8 writes at 2:13:35pm on 3/6/18
i think ur gonna get really good one day
Hakulyte writes at 7:42:17pm on 3/1/18
Everything counts in the leaderboard, but it doesn't count in daily stats which is kinda funny. (The AAA doesn't give a FC in daily page)
Hakulyte writes at 7:04:58pm on 3/1/18
Besides FFR Rank, Av Rank, Grandtotal and Tier points, there's also a leaderboard for AAAs/FCs/SDGs/Combos/Passes/Notes Hits/Key Hits/Play Time/Max Combos/Ranked Plays/Unranked Plays. I'm trying to get Rank 1 in all of them since I already have Grandtotal Rank 1. This is like my "end game content" if I'm bored and don't feel like grinding AAAs or playing hard songs. Excite Bike is the fastest way to get a few of these stats.