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COMMENT BEFORE YOU ADD ME. I'll deny you if you don't. I don't want to be another shite number. Aye aye aye. * * *Yes, I really do live in England, yes, I really grew up there. No, I wasn't born there. I was born in Japan. * * * I'm almost 20 years old * * * Yes, I really am as short as I say I am, why the fuck would someone lie and make themselves shorter? I mean, if I was like 10 feet tall, then maybe. * * * Don't be (a) cunt/bitch/whore/rude/stupid when talking to me, and I won't be one of the above either. I'm not here to start drama, so keep it away from me, as I won't deal with it. If you annoy me, I'll just block you. Okay? Nice. * * * Also, according to Danny, I'm a cuntface. Don't you wish you were this cool?
Playing guitar (or trying.) Tattooing, and getting tattooed. Piercings. Watching Family Guy every chance I have. South Park too... I want to marry Butters. I'm a movie/music buff. I like to think I know everything about those two subjects. Not sitting on my arse all day!
Fav Music:
Agony Scene, A Skylit Drive, Between The Buried And Me, +Bring Me The Horizon+, Bullet For My Valentine, +Cake+, +Chevelle+, Clear Static, Coheed And Cambria, Cradle Of Filth, Cypress Hill, Daft Punk, Dance, Gavin, Dance, De La Soul, DevilDriver, Disturbed, Dope, +Drop Dead, Gorgeous+, Emilie Autumn, +Escape The Fate+, +Family Force 5+, +Foo Fighters+, +From First To Last+, +Gallows+, +Garbage+, Godsmack, Guns And Roses, +Hatebreed+, +In This Moment+, It Dies Today, +In Flames+, +Kill Hannah+, +Killswitch Engage+, Korn, +Lamb Of God+, LCD Sound System, +Led Zeppelin+, +MC Lars+, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, +Metallica+, +Metric+, Mindless Self Indulgence, +Misfits+, +Moby+, Modest Mouse, +Motley Crue+, +Muse+, +My Chemical Romance+ (Pre The Black Parade), +My Ruin+, Nelly Furtado, +Nine Inch Nails+, +Panic! At The Disco+, +Pantera+, Plain White T's, Porcelain And The Tramps, +Priestess+, +Queen+, +Queens Of The Stone Age+, Rammstein, +Reggie And The Full Effect+, +Rise Against+, Run DMC, +Saosin+, Say Anything, +Senses Fail+, She Wants Revenge, Shiny Toy Guns, Sia, +Slayer+, +Slipknot+, Sneaker Pimps, Static-X, +System Of A Down+, +Taking Back Sunday+, +Tenacious D+, The Dan Band, The Darkness, The Killers, The Offspring, +The Sex Pistols+, +The Strokes+, +The Used+, +The Vines+, The Who, Twisted Sister, +Yeah Yeah Yeahs+
Fav Movies:
Dawn Of The Dead, Halloween, Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, Ichi The Killer, Audition, gore is mint!
Random Thoughts
Oh. My. Fucking. Gooood!
Posted on: August 2, 2008, at 10:45:54am   [3 comments]
My mum just informed me that... I'm gonna be a big sister. :O
First thing, ew for my parents still getting it on. I still believe the whole Stork story. Aye aye aye.
Secondly, props for them still being in love, it gives me hope for Curtis and I.
Thirdly, OMFG I'M GONNA BE SOME LITTLE BABY'S ROLE MODEL? I better shape the fuck up.
Fourthly, I'm nervous, and excited, and angry all at once. (I'm the baby! I've always been the spoiled only child.)
Fifthly, I'm gonna be 20 years older than my sibling, I reckon we won't have shite in common. But she/he is gonna be in fucking love with metal music. Ayyyyye!
Wish me luck?
Give me advice?
I'm scaaaared!

My Profile Rules.
Posted on: July 30, 2008, at 04:32:33pm   [1 comment]
I got the idea from Tay. <3

1. Do not send me a friend request unless we're talking. I mean talking 'hello' or 'nice pics' do not count. I want to have a conversation. Kthnx.
2. I do not expect you to return my profile votes, or picture comments, please don't expect me to return ones you left me. If I like something I'll make it known.
3. Don't be mean. This means to me, and to my friends. If you have drama with one of my friends, keep it between you. This is FFR, and not High School!
4. Do not message me on AIM without asking me.
5. If you decide to add my myspace, fine, but at least drop me a note to let me know who you are and how I know you.
6. Leave my personal life alone, what I tell you is my business, I'm tired of deleting things from prying people. Kthnx.

xoxo Tegan!

The Dark Knight?
Posted on: July 25, 2008, at 05:22:21pm   [3 comments]
Most amazing movie ever?
Yeah, in my eyes, at the moment it is.
Heath Ledger made that movie, and thus I am so depressed that he will never be able to play the role that was so obviously the role of his lifetime ever again.
Depressing (Y)
I'm going to see it again.
And maybe once more after that.
Heath Ledger as the Joker? Makes me wish Tegan Vaughn was Harley Quinn.

Tegan Vaughn
Posted on: June 23, 2008, at 03:30:33pm   [2 comments]
T: very good kisser
E: has gorgeous eyes
G: very outgoing
A: hot
N: can kick the shit out of u

V: not judgmental
A: hot
U: is very sexual
G: very outgoing
H: easy to fall in love with
N: can kick the shit out of u

(Hahaha! Yes! it's all true!)

A: hot
B: loves people
C: good kisser
D: makes people laugh
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: people wild and crazy adore you
G: very outgoing
H: easy to fall in love with
I: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet
K: really silly
L: smile to die for
M: makes dating fun
N: can kick the shit out of u
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: a hypocrite
R: good boyfriend or girlfriend
S: cute
T: very good kisser
U: is very sexual
V: not judgmental
W: very broad minded
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: is loved by everyone
Z: can be funny and dumb at times

An Even Number Of Randomness.
Posted on: January 29, 2008, at 05:19:17pm   [5 comments]
Here are some random facts about me, that no one has asked, and no one even cares about. But I'm bored, and waiting for my clothes to be dry.

1. I'm really short, honestly, saying I'm 5'2 might be a wee bit of an overstatement. I'm about 5'1 and something. Oi.
2. I love cold, chilly weather, though I'll pretend to despise it until the day I die. There is nothing better than having a reason to cuddle up with my boyfriend.
3. I'm such a romantic sap! I find myself getting teary eyed thinking about romantics that I've experienced.
4. I dress in layers 99.9% of the time. My outfits usually consist of tights, and pants/skirts, undershirts, regular shirts, and a hoodie, sometimes a scarf, and a hat.
5. I don't have a MySpace because it's ridiculously overrated. (I fail. I broke down and got one. Ewwz.)
6. I was born in Japan, but moved to England when I was very very young.
7. I had a twin brother, who died when he was three days old. To this day I carry around guilt for surviving.
8. I speak Japanese, because it's the only thing my mum can speak fluently.
9. No matter how many people tell me I'm beautiful, I still see my flaws. I just embrace them.
10. I played guitar in a band for three weeks before we broke up. I think it was because I'm rubbish at it.
11. To this day, I still can't swim.
12. I have a really keen sense of smell. My first roommate smelled like B.O all the time, it really disgusted me.
13. People assume because I live with my boyfriend, that he pays for everything. This is not true, I've got meself some cash!
14. I'm a perfectionist, which honestly get's me in a lot of trouble, because I'm never satisfied with what I've done.
15. I can be an attention whore. It's horrible. As well as the fact that I'm horribly jealous, it's a curse I have yet to fix.
16. I was diagnosed with ADHD, and thank my dad to this day for not putting me on medication for it. I'm much happier being hyper.

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Teddy_scfa writes...
at 7:35:47pm on 10/7/11
waka waka wake up ni@@a
nobby2992 writes...
at 9:03:23pm on 7/3/09
Hey :) you ok?
wb mark
RawMeat786 writes...
at 6:05:46pm on 5/11/09
Hi how are you?
Parano!aManiac writes...
at 5:42:55am on 4/18/09
Mindless Self Indulgence *ç*
I love them! xD
midorim writes...
at 12:59:20pm on 3/7/09
i miss you yooooo
poochieCREAM writes...
at 10:17:48pm on 1/9/09
Smokey Demons writes...
at 11:19:56pm on 1/8/09
Just droping in to say hey and,
I GOT TO 600 FCs ! ! !
dreaaaa writes...
at 2:07:03pm on 10/19/08
i personally think the person behind this profile, who is not Stephanie Isabella, is more interesting than the original one. First time i support fakes
anyway, that's too bad. you deluded us
MetalMadness987 writes...
at 7:35:49am on 10/14/08
sup sup,hows life?
kokimiyoi Ichigo writes...
at 11:59:53pm on 10/4/08
Clearly you guys don't read her blogs! Thats why she hasn't been on.
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