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Shamwow writes...
at 4:08:28pm on 12/28/10
is dead
DragonIIDX writes...
at 6:16:11pm on 11/21/10
Shamwow writes...
at 1:32:56pm on 11/21/10
another reason i hate this account. it glitches like you wouldnt believe. MrShermanboy doesnt glitch. btw i am in the process of trying to restore MrShermanboy because it was one of the few accounts that the login was lost. hopefully that will be back up and running soon. in the meantime, i'll be "practicing" on this account. i saw that because i'm not that good. i guess you could call this my backup account even though the only thing i can do on this is play ffr, comment, and accept friend requests. anywayz, enough rambling. wish me luck on trying to get MrShermanboy restored.
MrShermanboy writes...
at 11:18:18am on 11/10/10
this is shamwow. i have decided to make a brand new account. i got sick of not being able to change or update anything. so check out my new profile. MrShermanboy
Zermax Fury writes...
at 12:12:41pm on 11/7/10
Damn dude havent heard from you in a while how you been alex
Adamaja456 writes...
at 7:47:01pm on 10/24/10
haha why thank yew :D
yeeejames writes...
at 7:52:38am on 10/24/10
yeeejames writes...
at 1:36:28pm on 10/23/10
DragonIIDX writes...
at 11:16:33am on 10/23/10
lol yeah. you can send me some too if you want
DragonIIDX writes...
at 10:37:32am on 10/23/10
sent you a couple. i dont know your skill level so hopefully they arent too easy...
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