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I'm 5'8 blue eyes and brown hair
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Sup sexyies
Posted on: October 18, 2006, at 11:08:31am   [0 comments]
I love u Blond and Sexy,YouWanna Touch, Redskinscj1 and Katsmyname

Sexy mama is
Posted on: October 17, 2006, at 03:25:50pm   [0 comments]

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fabio3333 writes...
at 11:00:24pm on 1/25/08
wanna be my friend
fabio3333 writes...
at 10:58:49pm on 1/25/08
wanna be my friend
thePOboy writes...
at 3:40:16pm on 10/8/07
if thats really u then holy hell your hot and sexy
RAGINASIAN_007 writes...
at 2:44:37pm on 9/15/07
wow if thats ur pic u r sooooooo sexy
~ninja~ writes...
at 11:48:26pm on 7/4/07
thers somthing wrong with my page

it dosent have u on it
banditcom writes...
at 2:03:00pm on 3/2/07
My avatar or my actual picture in my profile? o_O
df_whitesoxfan writes...
at 7:17:13pm on 2/27/07
Ah thats nice. So r u like a model since ur posing n all that stuff o ur just havin fun? cuz either way u seem nice to talk to : )
df_whitesoxfan writes...
at 2:03:20pm on 1/24/07
Hey, como estas,Im david by d way.So u really been to all those places in ur pics?
Mossstar02 writes...
at 4:13:17pm on 1/19/07
sup chica..
hyper-sonic-xlc writes...
at 3:10:57pm on 11/27/06
why your saying that you not ugly you look nice o sorry i didnt interduse myself lol name hyper just going around making friends and stuff talk to random ppl lol.
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