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Sapphirion's Gameplay Stats Today
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the.Pavi writes...
at 12:56:46pm on 8/24/09
Jack Is awesome.
fermble writes...
at 3:07:26pm on 8/1/09
I knew it, you DID disappear!
Come baaaaaaack D:
Card Man writes...
at 10:27:46am on 7/9/09
Perhaps it is because you left in the middle of a game in MP or something ridiculous like that? I am sorry; it was so long ago; I cannot even justify it with a reason. Take it and move on please.
Card Man writes...
at 10:26:20am on 7/9/09
For many it is; but not for me.
Card Man writes...
at 10:25:20am on 7/9/09
I think you have the wrong guy. >_>
Card Man writes...
at 10:24:35am on 7/9/09
I am a one-hander; therefore it takes me longer to progress. Though I always have fun doing it. ;-)
Card Man writes...
at 10:22:32am on 7/9/09
I don't quite understand why someone would be afraid of I a scary person?
Synthlight writes...
at 4:11:18pm on 3/28/09
First person to post on your wall.