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9th Official Tourney Log
Posted on: November 8, 2013, at 03:30:04am

Player: Salitz
Division: D5
Playing Style: Spread (SDKL) 1.9x Downscroll 4 lyfe

ROUND 1 Stories Can Wait (Virtual Riot Remix) {0-0-0-1}
ROUND 2 summerghost {1-0-0-0}
ROUND 3 Requiem -Dies irae- {2-0-0-2}
ROUND 5 Shatterscape (Bexarametric Remix) {AAA}
TIEBREAKER The Party's Starting! {20-1-0-3}
ROUND 6 Sokuseki! Nouchoku Music System {1-0-0-1}
ROUND 7 Umbral Ultimatum {20-0-1-11} (ELIMINATED)


Thought this was pretty good.

  1. The site lag is back, can you handle it this time? *suspense*

  2. I still think you're pretty much the best /in D5/. We have 2 people posting scores over and above d6 3rd and me, basically a very inconsistent d6 player at this point. But thats how the cookie crumbles in these things, I never could do most of these things before having to play on a regular basis for 6 weeks straight.(AAA 66->76) I have 9 years worth of speed training always playing well above whatever I could hope to AAA. But anyways, wanted to let you know this has been really fun, and whether its you or me going through to the next round you've really motivated me to step up my game and I'm thankful for that. It looks like you've made some real progress since the 8th official, maybe we'll both be in d6 for the 10th.
    Best regards,