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AAA is Difficult!
Posted on: December 16, 2010, at 08:48:07pm

9/21/11 Update: Obviously, I have been able to AAA stuff, like lower level stuff. I realize now that the only hard shit to AAA is Synthfiles. Their annoying mess called BNS and BGs are the only things that stop me from getting AAAs on them. Most of the time, I just BF the song. But, AAAing one is a accomplishment all on its own.

Edit 5/5/15: This is Riot from the future, 4 years later. AAAing is easy, I don't know what you're talking about past me :P

Edit 9/11/19: Fuck you past Riot, you're a little bitch and don't know shit about top tier quality scores. You're still a virgin and probably will never find a girl. Btw you're getting a new car cus you crashed your old man's car. Nice job.

6/23/2020: Your entire life sucks now because of some stupid virus. Actually, you're probably one of the better human beings on this earth and you have surpassed your father in anything he could think possible. Steer yourself in the right direction and keep going. No matter what.

  1. You too huh? When I play DDR, its the same way with me.

  2. i play x2 so i dont get goods, practising alway s helps, and try to find the point where u always hit perfects. mine is a little bit before the arrow reaches the receptors

  3. Training is everything.

  4. It's normal for anticipation to get the better of you. The adrenaline comes rushing in, and suddenly an easy AAA becomes shaky grounds. Some people have found ways of getting rid of this anticipation by fooling their minds that they're not on a perfect run at all (even though they are). Didn't work for me, but it does for some.

  5. Yeah I feel your pain on not being able to AAA.

  6. So true. This phenomenon is one of the reasons I never was a pro level player.
    I just can't seem to hit less than 20 goods on any given song t.t

  7. Your words on Synthlight files speak the truth. FUCK EM. I have 9 left.

  8. I think zyphoror is the only person that realizes that he didn't say AAAing was hard, but Synthlights stepped files are off rhythm and crappy with backgrounds. haha

  9. this post so hard