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Antori writes at 9:52:51pm on 5/26/19
congrats on pianocore unlock :o
Rapta writes at 8:05:56pm on 7/7/18
You're a dev?
Sanjixcon writes at 12:10:46pm on 10/12/16
oh nice scarhand unlock brotha :D
TheThong writes at 5:12:20am on 9/16/16
We should MP again sometime :D
TheThong writes at 4:41:05am on 8/10/16
You're amazing! Haha. I remember that feeling when I improved quick. Good ol' days
TheThong writes at 3:31:19am on 8/10/16
You're getting good really quick!
da_man040292 writes at 7:59:56am on 7/9/16
This rounds d3 song. wtf lol
da_man040292 writes at 11:12:46am on 6/30/16
I cannot beat your score. Ive tried like 100 times. Ive gotten down to 6 goods and thats it
TheThong writes at 9:43:14am on 6/30/16
It just finished updating! We can play again if you're still there :)
TheThong writes at 9:36:57am on 6/30/16
My laptop just restarted zz
I'll mp with you another time :)