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Oh god, I don't even know where to begin! I'm a crazy hyper computer science major at Rochester Institute of Technology, sometimes I go on adventures for the sake of exploring, I'm absolutely noctural, I love playing piano and ocarina, and I have this really really awful Youtube channel that I just put up whatever I feel like on: If I had to be an earth pony, pegasus, or unicorn, I'd go with unicorn. Magic rules!
Winter! And music, god I couldn't live without music, both playing or listening. MLP: FiM is my life. World of Warcraft, some anime (Death Note, Welcome to the NHK, Trigun, Neon Genesis Evangelion), House MD, the Silent Hill series (and survival / horror games in general), Dead Space, Alan Wake, Resident Evil, Penumbra, Amnesia, etc. MEGAMAN! and spaceship games like Ikaruga, R-Type and Jamestown! Also rhythm games - Patapon, Rock Band / Guitar Hero, DDR, all that good stuff =P I also love game / movie reviewers like the Spoony Experiment, Nostalgia Critic, JonTron, SFDebris, Red Letter Media and Cinema Snob. Also, Star Trek TNG and DS9!
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Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Darkseed. Pony Music! Akira Yamaoka
Fav Movies:
I'm totally blanking... Falling Down
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I live!
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for the first time in 4.62 years, I update!

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