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I'm introverted and taciturn, generally. I like when people recommend anime to me, or ask for my opinions on an anime. I play both spread and index. I don't really play FFR much, I'm mainly on osu! now...
Anime, Skateboarding, Stepmania, osu!, Chocolate Milk, Monster, Pocky
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Bruce Lee Movies
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Log of AAAs!
Posted on: February 3, 2011, at 03:45:26am   [2 comments]
*1st AAA (?/?/?)- Super Mario 8bit Eighties Remix [1]
Got this so long ago, levelrank doesn't even show the stats.

*50th AAA (?/?/?)- ROAR (Rage Mix) [8]
Don't remember the date, just remember that it was my 50th AAA, as well as one of the few 8's I AAA'd at the time.

*100th AAA (2/03/11)- Gameboy Rave! [7]
After 3 hours (with breaks of course),
I got 33 AAAs, making the 33rd, Gameboy Rave!, my 100th AAA.

*150th AAA - Someday...

Public AAAs by Level:
1-All (4)
2-All (21)
9-1 (3 bfs)

...Probably nobody would read this :D

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MidnightLust writes...
at 10:06:59pm on 10/21/12
Oh! Okay! lol I see it now... xD
MidnightLust writes...
at 8:16:47pm on 10/19/12
what? lol
MidnightLust writes...
at 8:03:40pm on 10/19/12
Hello. How has your day been good sir? (:
Lumen07 writes...
at 2:36:22am on 6/25/12
Well that's still cool, I can't do tricks on boards, that's part of the reason I longboard, aside from it being awesome, lol.
Nice nice, some good classics in there~ I haven't seen that much of those aside from samurai champloo, but I've seen some of evangelion and heard good things about gintama, and so since I also don't know hayate no gotoku, I'll take it that's the hentai xP, which there's no need to apologize for :P, not that I've watched much, but I'm not against it, lol.
You wouldn't happen to know about Parkour or Freerunning would you?
Lumen07 writes...
at 1:37:34am on 6/23/12
Thanks for the voteback man :P
and what the heck..after having the random idea to read your 'about me'..we are quite alike xD. I'm quite taciturn myself in person and almost everything else you said also applies to me, though I don't play osu! anymore, I did for a time though xP. Also I can't quite say I like all music, but then there's always going to be some songs in some styles that you don't like. What's some of your favorite animes man? And what kind of boarding do you do? I'm more of a longboarder and Freeliner these days.
Winrar writes...
at 12:30:11pm on 5/4/12
The first 4 episodes were so thrilling, watch the entire thing and you'll stay on the edge of your seat.
supermousie writes...
at 8:22:33am on 5/4/12
Neamhain writes...
at 10:58:26pm on 2/23/12
her name is Lilica Felchenerow, from arcana heart (or hoever you spell it) O:
Winrar writes...
at 8:16:45am on 2/23/12
hehe thanks! I like your background too, what's it from?
HikamitheSoulReaper writes...
at 7:17:17am on 2/8/12
love our back round....X3
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