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Hey all, my name's Matt, second name Lumen(if you ever ask why, be ready for a somewhat lengthy backstory xP) :P, I'm 21 years old, six foot three inches tall, strong/fit through loose work outs, mainly parkour-style ones :3. I'm a very laid-back kinda guy, pretty easy to talk to, and relatively random most times :P. I tend to use a lot of 'faces' in my typing, they usually take the place of a period, but they also show the general feeling behind what i say, so if you think I use a lot of 'smileys' or whatever you want to call them, that's why. I have great interest in artwork of many kinds, but my main artistic interests lie in Concept Art-type drawings(especially for various games), Animation(mainly for video games, like the way that they program all the movements to the characters and such), and music. Even though I'm pretty athletic I'm still kinda lazy x3. I get distracted pretty easily, could be because I have ADD, but I've never gotten a diagnostic for it so, I'm sure, it's just a guess :P. Oh, and I can talk all over the place sometimes, but I tend to keep it reasonably subject-oriented when talking to someone x3. I also really enjoy meeting new people and talking to people so feel free to start up a conversation with me :P. Oh, and my favorite desert would have to be ice cream I think, and favorite flavor of it Butter Pecan with a close second of Cookie Dough x3(a bit random I know, but maybe it'll get you thinking of something you're interested to know about me perhaps? xP). Anything specific after that, just ask :3 .......................................................................................................................(Oh, and I play ffr kinda weird compared to most I guess, I play with 'u, n, h, k'--'right middle finger, left index, left middle finger, right ring finger'. Aside from that I tend to play with speed 1.7x and play lvl 8-12 difficulty songs :3)
I enjoy practicing Parkour, drawing, editing pictures, playing video games and watching anime. I enjoy other various Japanese stuff, such as cuisine and am interested in the language(Nihongo :3), which I've taken 3 years of classes for in high school(but unfortunately don't remember much ><). I like going to friend's houses and hanging out, though I don't get to often. I like talking to people on the computer and surfing for cool pictures occasionally. I'm intrigued by even the thought of how involved programming a computer or website is, as well as how the heck most technology is made(like the iTouch and iPhone..i mean is pretty awesome :3). Again, there's more, but just ask if you're curious about anything specific :3.
Fav Music:
None too specific, it just depends on what I think sounds good, but mostly Japanese and video game music, also DubStep(if you like DubStep as well, let me know, it's what im currently into, as well as Drum n' Bass x3), Drum n' Bass, Techno, Rock(various kinds, as I said, just depends on what I think sounds good :P), Jazz, Classical, Symphony, Piano songs(I count it as a different genre whether it is or not xP) and whatever else I might think sounds good :P. (Oh, and though there's a lot of different kinds of music I like, due to my bad memory, I can't talk about specifics on what music I like too well xP, such as bands I like and such cuz I don't really care to remember(for the most part)'s part of my
Fav Movies:
All The Matrix movies, Iron Man 1&2, Spider-Man(at least 1 and 2), The (Incredible) Hulk(both the original and newer one),Thor, Captain America, The Avengers(lol, I bet you didn't see that one coming xD) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Kung Fu Hustle, Kung Pow, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Finding Nemo, Despicable Me, Men In Black I/II, Jurrasic Park(all 3), Army of Darkness, Airplane 1&2 Boondock Saints, Inception, and various anime movies and many others x3
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Posted on: June 16, 2012, at 03:58:53am   [3 comments]
Ok, there is DEFINITELY something up with the songs, like none of the ones I've been trying to play work, am I the only one having this issue??

Too Olddd =_=...
Posted on: June 14, 2012, at 08:01:07pm   [2 comments]
So..I am and have been officially too old since Jan 16th this year, if anyone can guess how old you'll get a cookie! Well, a virtual cookie, but cookies are always good, lol.
Anywho, yes, I'm 21, and have been for a bit now..I'm officially getting too old to be hanging around places like this, but, I say whatever cuz I still feel 18 and reasonably look it, :P.
I haven't played the step games in a while and was missing them so instead of just playin some Stepmania like I could have, I decided to jump on here and see what's been goin on with yall that I used to talk to, in case you who's reading this was one of them, :3. If you're not though, then whatever, stop wastin your time reading a post when you can post a message on my profile and I can possibly start actually talking to ya! :P That goes for the ones that I used to talk to as well.. hit me up! I'll be on and off more regularly, at least for a bit :P.

Uuuuuuggghhhhhhhh, Work has me so busy (~@_@)~
Posted on: January 31, 2011, at 05:22:40pm   [0 comments]

mmm, 20~..
Posted on: January 5, 2011, at 02:31:46pm   [5 comments]
I tend to not really think about it most times..I'm longer in the 'teens'. In some ways- cool I guess, in other ways- somewhat annoying..xP
(funny part is I still look like I did at least a couple years younger, this one older gentleman came into my work and we had a short conversation, during which he asked me what school I went to(which high school), to which I replied, "I'm not currently in school." He was like, "Oh! Well whatever it is, keep doing what you're doing *smile*(in reference to looking younger than I am of course). I had a good little laugh to myself on that, especially since I'm always thinking that I don't look or feel as old as I am and might as well label myself 18 again xP..makes me wonder how the future would be different if I

-RPG Forum quote-
Posted on: January 5, 2011, at 12:36:37pm   [0 comments]
"People aren't playing RPGs for the gameplay or story. They're playing to watch the numbers GET BIGGER."

Lol, I love this quote.

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theuglyshygirl writes...
at 12:05:00am on 9/8/12
been for ever how are you :D
lime-lemon-orange writes...
at 8:44:23am on 8/8/12
That's alright dude. I've been okay, currently away from home. I'm in the Philippines! But I come back to Canada on Sunday, hurrah! I miss my home so badly, blah. But other then that nothing's really been going on with me.
How's the new place you moved into?? :)
shiko13 writes...
at 5:52:25pm on 8/3/12
and also, that's nice, I still have to move.... why the hell I have to wait even longer again.... I'm getting tired of waiting
shiko13 writes...
at 5:51:12pm on 8/3/12
It's been terrible for me. I don't know why but my sister, whom I love very much, just out of no where hates me and decides to go to some other place for a long time so she doesn't have to see my face anymore... I dunno what I did, I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything. Oh, I have been sleeping well lately and I am also going to break up with my BF
masternaruto122 writes...
at 6:58:29pm on 7/30/12
welcome XD
shiko13 writes...
at 3:17:45am on 7/22/12
Hey, haven't talked to you for a bit now, mainly because I went on a little family trip for a few days, anyways, how have you been since we last talked?
BethanyBangs writes...
at 3:14:54pm on 7/14/12
lime-lemon-orange writes...
at 5:05:05pm on 7/5/12
Hey you! How're you?
DiscoMio writes...
at 1:56:45pm on 7/3/12
Thanks ^_^v
kairi50 writes...
at 9:24:36pm on 7/2/12
Thx for the vote :)
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