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I'm Brooke and I'm 16. I'm bisexual. I love music, skateboarding, reading, writing poetry and stories, dancing, and singing. I'm friendly with everyone unless they give me a reason not to be. I listen to all kinds of music. My dream is to overcome all of the difficult things in life and to live on being happy no matter what decides to high-5 me in the face. If you want to know more just message or leave a comment on my page.
girls. boys. kittys. meerkats. music. anime. tekken. kingdom hearts. vampires. demons. night. magic. pictures. sour candy. blood. fire. water. mountain dew. purple. Jeff Dunham. etc.
Fav Music:
Bullet for my Valentine. Miley Cyrus. Brokencyde. Medic Droid. A7X. Metro Station. Alkaline Trio. Vanessa Hudgens. Selena Gomez. Demi Lovato. Nickelback. Carrie Underwood. Taylor Swift. Eminem. Justin Timberlake. Bruno Mars. Flyleaf. Evenescene. Hedley. Britney Spears. etc.
Fav Movies:
1408. Insidious. Rose Red. Aladdin. Lion King. Ice Age. Saw series. Cravings. 100 Feet. Freddy Krooger series. Jason series. Howl's Moving Castle. Cars. Paranormal Activity series. Scary Movie series.
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Posted on: October 19, 2012, at 07:41:50pm   [1 comment]
I walk upon the shadows
Of your worse nightmares
Filling your heart with darkness
Making you mind become unclear
Waking upon the ashes
Of you disembodied souls
Waiting for the death of me

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karumordu writes...
at 2:31:08pm on 10/20/12
Doing well, just playing some League. Yourself?
Del_17 writes...
at 1:34:11pm on 10/20/12
thanks for the vote :)
matsuko toshiro writes...
at 8:48:43pm on 10/19/12
Meh, at least they learn some obedience and it doesn't matter to me if it's wrong, I'm a sadistic man I enjoy it, watching as they work like slaves while I sit back and focus on my job
dragon890x writes...
at 8:43:34pm on 10/19/12
Oh, hey. I'm doing fine. How are you?
matsuko toshiro writes...
at 8:26:54pm on 10/19/12
The only thing I like kids for is cleaning my house but I don't ever plan on ever having kids so they can't really clean my house. There is probably only 1 kid I like and that is my little cousin
NixXSkate writes...
at 8:18:36pm on 10/19/12
it's supposed to be a person on his hands and knees
NixXSkate writes...
at 8:14:53pm on 10/19/12
matsuko toshiro writes...
at 7:43:49pm on 10/19/12
I see, I don't really like kids because there annoying and they argue about every the stupidest things, plus they usually think there right
karumordu writes...
at 6:44:43pm on 10/19/12
No problem!
matsuko toshiro writes...
at 6:39:53pm on 10/19/12
Oh really? what where doing to aggravate you?
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