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I play quaver and mania or something, this game's quite fun to play once in a while though! :D Also I have no idea how forums work, sry if am a dumb lol.
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XelNya writes...
at 7:09:26pm on 11/11/21
It's a solid as hell pickup rofl, that file is notoriously stupid to nail, and I got a DM about it telling me it happened hahahahaha
NeonDrakon writes...
at 2:55:42pm on 11/9/21
I got quite lucky on the 2nd drop :), was quite suprised myself really!
XelNya writes...
at 6:28:45pm on 11/8/21
You AAA'd My Fxxkin Desire For You in like 7 recorded plays, how the fuck
NeonDrakon writes...
at 9:25:18am on 1/1/21
katanaeyegaming writes...
at 7:04:15am on 11/10/20
Gratz on div 3 M8 also hello there.
Synthlight writes...
at 6:29:28pm on 2/10/20
First person to post on your wall.