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Well, I'm a music addict for one. I love video games, and like guys... IM A GIRL!!!!
Music, anime, drawing, v-games
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... don't have one really.
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candycanez writes...
at 2:28:14pm on 12/25/06
Nice avatar.

Happy Holidays! ♥
Shimune writes...
at 2:05:37pm on 12/15/06
hi aoi!
Shimune writes...
at 1:48:35pm on 10/22/06
add me 2 ur buddies list!!!
uchiha_sasuke1764 writes...
at 1:32:14pm on 10/21/06
Aww, I'm sorry for leaving...It's just that I wasn't wanted there...
Shimune writes...
at 6:40:52pm on 10/5/06
ish going 2 go play ffr!!
Shimune writes...
at 6:40:25pm on 10/5/06
NaruRamen writes...
at 2:30:22pm on 10/1/06
hahah, lol Samuri Champloo. I'm, well, different.... not retarded. Just, different than all the other girls from my school, ya' know?
samurai_champloo writes...
at 3:26:22am on 10/1/06
Damn, i wish all girls had intrests like you. Then i'd be a lot more popular. lol!
Synthlight writes...
at 12:34:32pm on 9/23/06
First person to post on your wall.