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1700 AAA's
Posted on: June 16, 2021, at 11:03:29pm

Back on the game after 2 years (had another break as the game started glitching again as it always does at one point where I end up just stop playing because it is unplayable) seems to be going pretty good, a bit rusty but I have AAA'd all new ones, (2 Very Difficult left) and (11 Challenging left) then will be time to tackle the Very Challenging ones which I currently have 67 to AAA! Wish me luck, cheers.

  1. Wow, you have quite a very impressive collection! Soon enough, after the OT and with more SOTW, you'll get to 2,000 sooner than you might think!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I definitely need to practice and get back to the level I was at a couple of years ago! Will have to stay consistent for the next month. Reaching 2000 would be great! :)

  3. For sure! And thanks for the upvote, I appreciate it!