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1500 AAA's
Posted on: March 7, 2019, at 11:24:36pm

Well in only 2 weeks I have made another 100 AAA's. With the help from SK8R43 pushing the limits a bit more with our race! Only have 7 VC files to AAA now. And a lot of Master ones to do!Sitting on 37 with the most AAA scores ATM. The next 100 will be a hard one! T

  1. Hell yeah dude! Id say lets race to 1600 but that would take me forever since it was hard enough finding 39 aaas lol
    Regardless, grats!!

  2. Thanks man! Yeah it will be slow from here! Although I said that when I hit 1400, I have got most of my skills back in the last month which is good! Keen to get some more decent scores! See you on the score board ;) thanks again man.