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L0NEvvolf writes...
at 12:56:29pm on 8/20/08
well looks like your baned but its in my pics :D
4everdancing24 writes...
at 9:44:34am on 8/19/08
I heart you all night long James. :-)
Hurry up and come back, so I can stare at your hotness again.
devonin writes...
at 5:09:47am on 8/19/08
You're ban evading -again- which is what I asked you to explain, which you consistantly haven't been.
devonin writes...
at 12:04:12pm on 8/18/08
Why won't you just go away?
Gibson63 writes...
at 4:50:40am on 8/17/08
lawl i was joking ;)
funmonkey54 writes...
at 12:58:36pm on 8/12/08
ok. Just wondering. Also, emerald will make credits. He sells unlimited amounts all the time and has dedicated customers. It really does help.
funmonkey54 writes...
at 12:23:54pm on 8/12/08
Wait. So you are still closed, but you are updating your prices?
S-T-E-V-E- 0 writes...
at 10:28:31am on 8/9/08
Synthlight writes...
at 8:59:06am on 8/9/08
First person to post on your wall.