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hey my name is cassidy and my hair is black i wear glasses and my eye color is olive/hazel im not in a relationship cuz my ex cheated on me (the bastard) if im not on the internet im most likly at my friend anisa's hous or writing or being bored outta my mind so then ill prolly b on the computer!! yaay!! yes i am a hyper little person who happens to luv hot topic and talking on the fone....
music, my chemical romace, taking pictures, email, ffr, the umbrella academy, frank iero, bob bryar, mikey way, ray toro, gerard way, going to anisa's house, talking on the fone to vanessa, glaring at preppy people, annoying my cuzin alyssa, hanging out with random people, talking to hobos, video games, hating the sun, MUSIC!!!, sims, ficwad,, mcrmy, ya kno tht sort of stuff!
Fav Music:
My Chemical Romance, FOB, P@TD, Cobra Starship, A.F.I., Avenged Sevenfold, Bestie Boys, The Cure, Rolling Stones, Billy Talent, The Used, Misfits, Basshunter, Metallica, Weezer, U2, R.E.M., The Killers, Queen, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Pencey Prep, The Ramones, Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizzare, and stuff lik tht
Fav Movies:
nightmare before christmas, monty python and the holy grail, i am ledgend, saw, saw 2, saw 3, batman:the dark knight, scary movies, funny movies, watevr i just lik movies...!
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Super Kickass Man writes...
at 5:13:38am on 6/23/09
thingamafrank writes...
at 10:05:00am on 6/15/09
Hello people who might actually still visit my profile,
for anyone who cares, this is my new profile because I wanted to make a new one! XD
Panic4Me writes...
at 3:21:50pm on 1/14/09
Oh nice. Just the same old stuff. Been reading a lot lately.
AquaTeen writes...
at 2:20:29pm on 1/14/09
I've been great. I'm working as an attorney-in-training with my mentor/ friend Tom and I'm going to college to pursue my dream of becoming an attorney. I got mock trial president. Things are looking up and I'm single now oh well. Tom always says "the world's your oyster." Well I"m officially closing my oyster to for the pearl called my career.
AquaTeen writes...
at 9:25:23am on 12/17/08
It's a college. I also got accepted to another college like saturdayish
AquaTeen writes...
at 10:09:42am on 11/30/08
I got accepted into Bryant and Stratton on FRiday!!!!!
Panic4Me writes...
at 2:18:03pm on 11/7/08
hah yea it's been a while. how ya doin?
D I O X I D E writes...
at 2:04:36pm on 11/7/08
hha nice tomeet you cassidy, my names ricky :)
D I O X I D E writes...
at 12:34:44pm on 11/7/08
haha thanks yo, yours is lookin pretty sweet as well !
CensorBar writes...
at 11:32:36pm on 11/3/08
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