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About Me, Cuz my Page doesnt seem to Work.ENJOY!
Posted on: January 15, 2012, at 10:51:50am

About Me:
Hey. Im a Graduated Girl!!(Since 2012) I play Video Games. I listen to music alot.
Relationship: Engaged to Shane <3
DOB: 07201994
I'm Canadian. I live in Saskatchewan Canada.I Am officially a Cat Owner. She is a calico, and her name is Rarity.I am Also a Car owner now.
Pigs are my Fave Animal (dont ask why)and Purple and Dark Red are my Fave Colors. Obsessed With Sims3 :/
Just ask about me i guess.If i could Look up to someone in life it would have to be Beyonce <3 well and Wilson xD

  1. this is not a comment

  2. Shhuuut Upp captain Obvious :P

  3. killswitch engage=FIRE BURNSSSSSS an my chemical romance=cancer
    metalica=ONE!!!,entersandman, stairway to heaven and fade to black =o
    and alot more MUSIC LIST IS THE BOMB
    apart from no pac but thats just me :P good taste in music :)

  4. Whurs metal

  5. I dunno :3

  6. there are so many artists i missed. Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Foster the People, and RANDY NEWMAN

  7. lol you can always fix that... :)

  8. I love Batman too lol plus I'm also going to college to be a teacher :) And btw great taste in music :D

  9. Haha Thanks Darlin :) <3