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i love to sing,play musical instruments(such as the guitar,drums,and piano)and write songs and stories.i LOVE to run,and i love track. i love to act, and i love art as well as theater arts. i am ver very VERY passionate,and i especially love my friends and family. im a non-denominational christian,i have compasion for others,i love animals, and i dont judge, im very social,and have a good personality, but im not perfect. i am a singer/songwriter/musician and i am proud of who i am.
music,art,animals,people,sports,life,and everything along the way.
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when it comes to music i like just about anything. from heavy metal, to pop. from dubstep, to soft slow music. there are a couple of country songs that i like but not at all that many. im not a big fan of smooth jazz or country though.
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snow dog?
Posted on: February 4, 2011, at 06:13:27pm   [0 comments]
of course my dog chases everything. thats why his name is chasey. from shadows, to flashlights. computer lights, to noise. from pant legs, to bugs. from mice,to cats. but not to my atvantage, he does not chase cars. the disadvantage is that the only car he DOES chase is the dog catcher's car. but back to the point. my dog and i were shoveling snow and he looked so cute sitting there with his head underground looking for moles and underground animals as usual, and i started to shovel and he started to notice. immediately his ears puffed up and outwards, and his tail shot up. his eyes got huge and his face looked so alert. i thought it was so funny because he was so seirious. his lightning paws bolted as fast as they could over to that snow shovel and all the sudden he couldnt stop. so i was standing there with a shovel full of snow and i look behind me,looked back, and there in my pile of snow in my shovel was chasey's head, stuck. i pulled his head out and looked at his cute little, snow covered face. he immediately noticed my big black gloves and his ears puffed up and outwards, and his tail shot up. his eyes got huge and his face looked so alert. here we go again! blah blah blah, fast forward. i need new gloves.

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Furrymaster writes...
at 6:11:11pm on 2/4/11
Your welcome, maybe I might take it back. :s
Kasu_404 writes...
at 2:20:15pm on 2/4/11
hello ^^
thanks for the thumbs up :B
cabriteiro writes...
at 2:28:12am on 2/4/11
hi going to wish great weekend xD
Furrymaster writes...
at 8:08:10pm on 2/3/11
cabriteiro writes...
at 8:16:04am on 2/3/11
down until today I just found one and two others already has returned a lot
Icame2fknWIN! writes...
at 6:43:34am on 2/3/11
man im finding tokens like crazy!
cabriteiro writes...
at 6:05:36am on 2/3/11
you got msn?
cabriteiro writes...
at 5:32:55am on 2/3/11
e ai vamos jogar juntos novamente quando xD so pra vc ter q translate rsrs
cabriteiro writes...
at 4:48:54am on 2/3/11
here it is still my net had fallen
cabriteiro writes...
at 3:29:16am on 2/3/11
hi I add you hope you accept me as your friend
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