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Hey there :3 My name is Brandon and i'm 16 years old. My name is Brandon, yep thats a me! I am goofy fellow that does things at random. *j*m I like having great times whether its at school or with friends.I'm alright at FFR, but I know I can get better just practice on and on and on. =p
Doodling, reading, hanging out with my buddies, going for walks, enjoying the outdoors, playing video games here and there and just having a great time
Fav Music:
Mostly any kind of music will do but I would say that Techno and Rock are my favorite
Fav Movies:
Basically it'd be something that be off the hook yo, but seriously just really entertaining and has my interest :3
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DarknessXoXLight writes...
at 4:40:41pm on 6/21/11
Patricoo writes...
at 7:57:33pm on 2/22/11
Yes, actually.
Patricoo writes...
at 7:55:19pm on 2/22/11
I am not a woman! :(
eddiedude writes...
at 6:52:29pm on 2/15/11
you are cooler than donut with black berry sauce on top of a blue waffle o.o
lukestepwalker writes...
at 5:23:11am on 2/9/11
HoodedRaccoon writes...
at 9:05:59pm on 2/8/11
How about we agree that this is more epic then the two of them?
HoodedRaccoon writes...
at 9:00:33pm on 2/8/11
People love Mudkip better
Agntmyniime writes...
at 8:38:43pm on 2/4/11
thanks! (:
Kasu_404 writes...
at 6:11:56pm on 2/4/11
Thanks C:
Icame2fknWIN! writes...
at 5:38:59pm on 2/4/11
nice derp pic :P u left it on my profile hahaha
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