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AAAs 526-550
Posted on: September 15, 2008, at 03:42:18pm

526)Funk in G (LOL)
527)Coat Czech (That song is a BITCH)
528)Ball of Malt (Fail)
529)Midnight Dragon
530)Nova Pulsar
531)The Lunatic Princess
533)Legend of Zelda Remix (SUCK IT)
534)Vertex BETA
536)Blue Army
537)Lawn Wake IV (FMO #5 :D)
538)The Games We Played Part 1
540)Story of Snowman and Sunshine Girl
541)MAX Forever (ouch)
545)Randomness Reactor III
547)CRASH! The Beat
548)Speedcore Sunday
549)Ronda Alla Turca (FAWK FINALLY)
550)Vanishing Gungaroon

  1. LOL

  2. You are freakin' ridiculous!
    And seriously, GJ on Funk in G. Fortunately you only had to play it 12 times to get it. I played it over 80 times until I got it. xD

  3. I agree with Coat Czech, I could've got the AAA, but no, got two goods on the left right jumps at the beginning.

  4. MIDNIGHT DRAGON?! ;-; Just another one of those songs I have NO possible way of AAAing. D:

  5. lol @ legend of zelda comment

  6. lol @ the syntlight's files

  7. Nice streak there.
    534)Vertex BETA
    536)Blue Army
    537)Lawn Wake IV (FMO #5 :D)

  8. Nice MAX.

  9. Hehe! You reached 550 and are still there currently. Geeeeezh, you rule!