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Well for starters i like to chill mainly but really i just play ffr and soccer, plus i go to school ummmm yea that pretty much covers about me : )
ummm i like to play soccer chill lol yea i like to chill alot but most of all hang with friends : )
Fav Music:
i like punk rock ,metal ,hip-hop etc. so yea thats about it for music : )
Fav Movies:
i like all movies accept for stupid ones well that dosent make much sense but point blank i like a lot of movies : )
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HikamitheSoulReaper writes...
at 12:56:48pm on 10/22/12
bubbleking writes...
at 7:17:15pm on 3/18/08
wow u had to put that many on my profile didnt u and idc how many skill tokens i hav and how many would u hhav if i never helped u? ooooooooooooooooooo
bubbleking writes...
at 2:16:03pm on 11/26/07
o well i dont really care nemore havent tried getting them
HenaSin writes...
at 10:36:38pm on 10/19/07
hey man, don't think i lefted u out lol!! I've been busy as hell tho so I don't have any time to play ffr lately. Anyway kool profile! =)
AOD_ELEMENT writes...
at 5:53:11pm on 9/2/07
the elite supporter is just being a subscriber they give u that special title lol and u pick what u want it to say next to ur avatar and i just picked my name and its 3.50 a month and u get a discount on all things in the shop its worth it u get songs a lot earlier
bubbleking writes...
at 6:13:57pm on 8/19/07
bubbleking writes...
at 11:56:29am on 8/10/07
lol yea ur on!
HawksEye writes...
at 7:41:24pm on 7/30/07
does anyone know how to put videos on your profile plz help if you know thx : )
bubbleking writes...
at 4:33:55pm on 4/12/07
hey hope to face off sometime
Black Flag writes...
at 8:36:12pm on 4/11/07
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