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Free Running
Posted on: December 6, 2008, at 07:57:38pm   [1 comment]
Amir=me aka the guy that's on his hands

According to Xfire I've played
Posted on: August 20, 2008, at 01:18:40pm   [7 comments]
Solitaire 1,393 hours
Minesweeper 1,343 hours
UnrealTournament2004 634 hours
ijji GunZ 571 hours
StarCraft Brood War 150 hours
World of Warcraft 109 hours
Gunbound 16 hours
Diablo II 13 hours
Soldier Front 11 hours
Prince of Persia 7 hours
Grand Chase 5 hours
C&C Red Alert 2 2 hours
Unreal Tournament 1 hour
Pinball 1 hour
Need for Speed 1 hour
Warcraft III 1 hour
PoP Warrior Within 1 hour

This is like 1/3 of my Gaming career =D

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alyv writes...
at 10:47:38pm on 12/7/12
you're so hot omg
-zeroSKILL- writes...
at 4:57:20pm on 11/4/09
you still haven't got Oni? !_!
Lil Luka writes...
at 7:33:12am on 9/5/09
D: I thought you were being evil...
But i furgive you but sorry I kind of already marked yurs down...
Card Man writes...
at 10:22:55pm on 9/3/09
You can stay spread. I got a lot better now than you remember. I would love to play you in MP sometime. It would challenge me. Good to hear from you man. I have a new video coming out Friday Night. Be on the lookout ;-)
Card Man writes...
at 5:56:24pm on 8/30/09
One-hander for life; always.
NSane writes...
at 10:19:26pm on 8/25/09
Jane Doe writes...
at 5:15:16pm on 5/13/09
jen2592 writes...
at 6:32:58pm on 3/14/09
hey...haven't talked to u in ages but hope ur doin ok... we should total play sometime
animatorxpalmer writes...
at 5:33:23am on 2/4/09
why'd you stop?
animatorxpalmer writes...
at 6:17:48pm on 2/2/09
fced adventures of lolo
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