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i like anime and singing drawing dancing
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Otaku_Penguin writes at 8:32:45am on 12/20/09
That color is so pretty! I like that one, go with it!
Otaku_Penguin writes at 5:02:58pm on 12/19/09
O-o What does a winter red head look like?
Otaku_Penguin writes at 9:40:32am on 12/19/09
Do you know what you're going to do?
Otaku_Penguin writes at 9:00:37am on 12/18/09
So, have you dyed your hair yet? :)
Otaku_Penguin writes at 10:22:49pm on 12/17/09
Aw. Thank you! ^^
Otaku_Penguin writes at 8:05:24am on 12/16/09
I think dying your bangs and adding some lowlights would look neat, but make sure that the color matches your hair well. Like, if you're hair is blonde, don't add like a weird green. I wouldn't look right. Or if it's light brown, I think the concept still applies. If dark brown, I believe anything goes with that. x3
I hoped I helped a little bit. ^^
sk8terboy88 writes at 12:36:08pm on 12/13/09
im planing of getting a music note on my right side with thorns going around the music notes and the story is that musics my life so:)
what about you!
sk8terboy88 writes at 10:08:34pm on 12/10/09
Haha ^^ sweet thats so awesome! im also getting a tattoo really soon so im happy :) about that
sk8terboy88 writes at 8:35:59pm on 12/10/09
^^ hey thx for the compliment you seem kool urself!:)
also hows ur night going so far and stuff what are you up to!:)
darkfire60 writes at 5:32:23pm on 12/1/09
yes duh! lol!