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I usually play FFR with one hand most of the time. Unless its something like Death Piano then you know... Fuck it. Use two hands... xD
As long as you're not stalking me... ask away. Just know that you shouldn't expect anything but friendship with me.
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Electronic Dance Music && Rock.
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Pirates of the Caribbean, Death Race, Ninja Assassin, Alice in Wonderland, Green Hornet, Resident Evil Apocalypse
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This Chaos all Around~
Posted on: April 1, 2011, at 06:32:54pm   [0 comments]

Ahahahaha!! God damn.
Posted on: March 27, 2011, at 08:25:03am   [1 comment]

I want more stickers. D:
Posted on: March 26, 2011, at 06:29:43pm   [0 comments]
I need to look for some good ones....
It's for my Purikura Scrap Book. >0< And I love stickers. lol

Really dont like "Mom's Law"
Posted on: March 26, 2011, at 06:24:31pm   [0 comments]
Because sometimes I would want to crash in someone's house after a mini movie/game house party.... But then I can't because mother wont allow it especially if its at a guys house.
I know she worries and loves me about me but she worries about me too much. I wish sometimes that she would just let me do things the way I want to since now that I'm old enough to take care of myself in some sort of way...
And its not like the guys are going to rape me and its not like the girls are going to let that happen. I mean you know... I'm just saying.
And it's not like I don't value family. I just value family and friends equally. Ish....

Rocketeer Cover
Posted on: March 18, 2011, at 07:48:30am   [0 comments]
((No they did not use Auto Tune. You can tell if they did. Lol You'll know what I mean.))


Comment wall
Evil_Pancakez writes...
at 6:02:52pm on 5/2/13
btw do you have facebook or skype?
Evil_Pancakez writes...
at 5:57:17pm on 5/2/13
depends on the horror genre, phycological horror imho is allot more scary then just some kinda slasher film or toture movies like Hostel, Saw, etc... I personally love horror movies that don't show you what is going on, where it leaves you on easy and confused. That is good horror. One reason why i love the Silent Hill games or movies like "The Thing" the original btw, not that pos remake/prequel film. Japanese horror get's it right with creepy atmosphere and the confusion it leaves audiences. Anyways i can go on and on about horror stuff lol but yeah, message me back if your ever interested in talking story. Laterz yo. ^_^
Evil_Pancakez writes...
at 2:33:08pm on 4/21/13
It's fine lol, you just kicked my ass a while back in ffr and i was just wondering if you could give me some advice or whatever. I checked out your profile, seems like your a huge horror fan. ^_^
Evil_Pancakez writes...
at 2:43:42am on 4/12/13
hello, i met you a couple of times playing online. You from hawaii too right?
danlow writes...
at 1:03:30pm on 3/18/12
when did this game go down and dessu do you still play?
senor0pena writes...
at 12:23:26pm on 6/21/11
Yeah good point.
senor0pena writes...
at 10:41:50am on 6/20/11
That might work. I've never had coke to try.
senor0pena writes...
at 8:07:44pm on 6/19/11
Mother hubbing Portugese Man-of-wars! Had one of those wrap around my leg once. Thankfully, the piss from the pain went down the same leg. god, I HATE those things!
senor0pena writes...
at 12:16:01pm on 6/19/11
I bet. I remember it being pretty damn pretty and usually covered in cute local chicks. But I don't think I was really interested in girls then, so I never took advantage of it. I should visit some of the old beaches I used to go to.
senor0pena writes...
at 12:28:26am on 6/19/11
Man, I loved living there. Made some good friends. Maybe I'll visit there again, check up on them. I can only remember one of their names but I have the rest somewhere in my room or files. That'd be a cool vacation.
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