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I like all rock (except for punk: they can all go to hell!) heavy metal, death meatal, balck metal, thrash metal, classics,regea is all cool. If you like rap or have ever rapped get the fuck out now b/c you SUCK!!! LOL, I am an extreme metal head and enjoy maush pits, i not only like all metal but also like all of the classics b/c they started the rock revolution, be a rebel, listen to rock!!! =0
play guitar really good, sports (football, wrestling) UFC kicks ass, WWE sucks! I also like to go get into fights from time to time.
Fav Music:
Pantera is best band ever, ALL Metallica is great, all death metal (Slayer, Cannible Corpse) Black Metal (Lamb of God, ect.) Classics (Ozzy, Hendrix, Dio, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, ect.) Some blues is also cool (Stevie Ray Vaugn, Alvin Lee, and Eric Clapton)Rage Against the Machine is as close as I will get to rap, they are tight!!!!
Fav Movies:
All horror and bloody movies (Texas Chainsaw Masscre, All Saw movies, Hills Have Eyes) I aslo like comedies, I would list them but it would take 2 long.
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Border Patrol Problem
Posted on: September 24, 2006, at 10:12:44am   [0 comments]
Why do we give our border patrol units guns, and tell them not to use them??? It pisses me off because we tell them NOT to use the guns, but in reality, we give them to them. I don't know, maybe we should put machines out there or something, at least they won't be pussys and not shoot the criminals crossing our border. We could also program them to disobey orders, so no matter what they lite em' up. Another solution would be to put much bigger fences up w/ heat seeking macine guns on there, that would take care of the pest problem. At least that is what I think. =)

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Posted on: September 9, 2006, at 10:22:37am   [0 comments]
Hey, leave a comment! No fags plz!! =0

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BleedingBlack writes...
at 5:11:56pm on 12/12/06
awesome ava, cannibal corpse kix ass^^
Dragula219 writes...
at 8:28:59pm on 9/26/06
nd Deltron 3030 and you'll know what good rap sounds like.

And Yes, Rage Against the Machine is the Shiznit.

Message me back sometime.

- Dragula C666 Arrow Abuser -
Dragula219 writes...
at 8:26:28pm on 9/26/06
You seem pretty cool, at least you listen to good music.

Lol, Lamb of God (one of my favorite bands) isn't anywhere near Black metal. Listen to Old Man's Child sometime, for they are black metal.

And BTW, hate to burst your bubble, but Dimebag isn't the best anymore, not Since the "Valley of the Damned" EP of Dragonforce hit the Scene in 2000. Even though I hate to say it, Herman Li could own Dimebag Darrell using his thumbs only with his eyes closed behind his back, due to the fact he is a living god.

But you do listen to good music. Corpse grinder is one of the best vocalist's ever, so deep and morbid.

Ever heard of Children of Bodom? If you haven't, drop everything and Buy "Follow the Reaper" by them.

You should be more open to rap, just because mainstream rap is the gayest shit that has ever been called music, doesn't mean underground rap sucks too. Listen to Tech N9ne, Busdriver, a
slipknot14 writes...
at 7:45:17pm on 9/26/06
youlike hatebreed im going to see them in 3 weeks
slipknotchick139 writes...
at 3:13:29pm on 9/26/06
haha, hellls yea.
and thank youuu.
slipknotchick139 writes...
at 7:58:33pm on 9/25/06
whats up?
slipknot kicks ass!
slipknot14 writes...
at 12:53:48pm on 9/24/06
nice pics
JasonKey writes...
at 5:27:44pm on 9/18/06
you will see soon ;) we have a lot going on .. promise ;)
JasonKey writes...
at 10:53:00am on 9/9/06
can't yet .. but will be able to soon. Let us finish testing some of the features we have planned and we can get something online for you guys soon.
ichliebekase writes...
at 3:06:31pm on 9/8/06
yea once
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