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DJ Fate
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Location:Puerto Rico
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Gaming Region:USA - New England
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I'm a DJ :) This is my music:
Girls <3
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HugzandKisses writes...
at 2:14:21pm on 5/20/11
Uhmm, I listened to a few I think one of them was called this Moment?? Or somethign like that :P
X Shredder X writes...
at 9:25:58pm on 5/19/11
Hey I have seen your music on youtube! I commented on your channel! :) Dude your music is awesome seriously! I think some songs should be put into this game!
HugzandKisses writes...
at 6:43:29pm on 5/19/11
Nice Music (:
Litholia writes...
at 9:52:58pm on 5/18/11
Life, Wonderful Human Beings, and Love are the only onse i've listen to thus far. I'm on the phone now though so I'll let the rest wait for a little bit later. Haha.
Litholia writes...
at 9:36:53pm on 5/18/11
Yo, I like your music man, I just checked it out. I was going to comment you on it in the chat, but you had already left. Keep up the good work. Keep the FFR community posted on your new stuff :)
Roflbabymakerr writes...
at 9:21:58pm on 5/18/11
Hah oh geeeeeeze. Ty sir. You're very kindd.
So did you just join FFR to flirt with the ladies and advertise your music?
Roflbabymakerr writes...
at 9:14:24pm on 5/18/11
I like it. (:
Roflbabymakerr writes...
at 9:03:27pm on 5/18/11
DJ Fate writes...
at 9:01:54pm on 5/18/11
My Music :)!
Synthlight writes...
at 8:58:43pm on 5/18/11
First person to post on your wall.