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7th Official FFR Tournament
Posted on: August 14, 2012, at 12:55:36am   [0 comments]
Okay This is actually my first official tournament participation. Welp Lets see how this goes for me.

Round 1-
Okay I enjoyed the tune quite a bit. Lunar Landing had rarely any interesting parts to it though. This is what i get for being away from FFR for a year. took me no less then 5 hours to AAA this crap.

Round 2-
Nocturne eh? ok lets see how this goes... -20 minutes later- Fuck this song dang...I don't like it cause if your sight-reading this, i don't think theres anyway you're ganna notice the tempo jump. rhythm is just ass. overall i didn't like it nor did i feel i had to AAA this bull crap of a song. I changed the speed from 1.8 to 1.2 just to attempt to get an SDG. Now i can't even handle 1.8 anymore all because of this song. .I hate classical songs like this (where the notes are randomly placed but at the same time properly placed) .on to the next round anyway.

Round 3-
FireBird. Oh this song actually wasn't that bad although i was acting cocky for my own good when i thought i could AAA this tune. I hated the way the notes were placed though it was easy to learn. once again too many people were going to be eliminated so i didn't bother try to AAA it.

Round 4-
Politically Correct Holiday Song! ahaha oh boy this song made me laugh and i just absolutely loved how it sounded. easily 10 hour AAAed this song. only took me long because i don't only play this game. My Brother enjoys my playing the song as well.

Round 5-
Find A Pet (candy mix)? for one thing i don't know where they get these ideas for songs from and what the hell is a candy mix...... Anywho..... This song was pretty straight forward. Not to shabby. not hard too AAA.

Round 6-
Need You. How Pathetic.. I hate rock music and whats worse I hate all the hands and jumps in this disgrace of a song. The fuck is goin on here? Thats 2 songs that just pissed me off in this tournament. First Nocturne The Fail Classical Bullshit and now This.. what did i do to deserve this.. Not ganna bother AAAing it.. people cant even properly SDG it without getting boos.

This is the time where I sit down and watch the rest of the tournament. i guess i couldn't AAA let alone have the time to work on it. I have football to worry about and there a "camp" thing goin' on and i'm gone for half of the day. Coming back soar as shit making it hard to concentrate. I didn't care on Thursday in which camp started because i knew i wouldn't have time. It's been fun. I'll take my 25k credits and vertex beta vrofl thanks.

Comment wall
Skeelie writes...
at 7:20:17am on 8/29/12
Anyway, job done, I just did 12 Goods
Skeelie writes...
at 7:05:36am on 8/29/12
Sure I'll try to have more than 22 goods, how much did you get ? I didn't understand all your comment
Skeelie writes...
at 3:23:49pm on 8/16/12
Good luck on that =)
Skeelie writes...
at 3:02:56pm on 8/16/12
Sorry bro, I didn't want a tie breaker ^^'
Sidek writes...
at 7:19:05pm on 8/15/12
u can unlock the birds concrete nosedive?
zephix writes...
at 7:02:02pm on 8/14/12
dude im sidek and btw you need over 80000 credits to unlock that song.
Sky Kitten writes...
at 10:55:47pm on 8/13/12
To get the full tier, you have to fulfill each requirement.
Sky Kitten writes...
at 6:06:32pm on 8/6/12
It really depends on the best score. All divisions have a specific cutoff... AAA is just the best score you can possibly get.
btw, did you access the veteran forums yet? Or no?
AlexDest writes...
at 8:10:26am on 8/6/12
Ah, thanks dude, sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. I see you're 3rd place in D1 so far, keep it up! 8)
jprox445 writes...
at 6:26:01am on 8/6/12
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