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I should always get along with myself
Posted on: April 17, 2007, at 09:45:03am   [0 comments]
I never really did get along with everybody else

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jessaronido2 writes...
at 3:39:51pm on 5/29/07
hey i voted good for ure profile hope you can do the same for me!=)

Thanks ~~~~Jessaronido2~~~~
bluemuffin_yoshi writes...
at 6:46:29pm on 4/28/07
why did you get banned?
Duster-Man writes...
at 3:50:25pm on 4/20/07
I'm good. I just won a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. I like that card game. I wish i had the God cards. They are tje rarest cards in the game
sleeplessdragn writes...
at 12:35:46pm on 4/20/07
dillchip writes...
at 12:32:31pm on 4/20/07
I see your point, Crufty. I'm actually in the process of making a simfile myself, plus I make Edit steps for DDR all the time. I submitted Esperanza into Stepmix 2, and I've also stepped a live song with a constant BPM change. I have had my experiences. Yes, it's hard. I probably shouldn't have interfered, but I'm the kind of person who stands up for people. Sorry for being a stupid prick
bluemuffin_yoshi writes...
at 5:46:40am on 4/20/07
yeah i fell once but not on the ice.. lol
dcr writes...
at 5:38:51am on 4/20/07
hmm i play all the time =)
dcr writes...
at 5:14:28pm on 4/19/07
Duster-Man writes...
at 5:04:18pm on 4/19/07
Duster-Man writes...
at 5:04:14pm on 4/19/07
You think i'm that cool? I'm impressed
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