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Me...? I do have a lot of friends and I love every one of them. I have to life would be awful without them. I'm a geek. I love band =D. I play Whirled occasionally. So if you wanna find username is -.cαιтℓιη.- I'm 15. I play every song on 1.5 speed. Any more questions feel free to ask^-^
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toto6 writes at 11:42:47pm on 11/10/12
i heart candy writes at 4:39:46am on 11/10/12
Thanks for the thumbs up Cait.
oody453 writes at 3:22:09pm on 11/9/12
yeah :) i can totally tell. I have a lot of really cool drawings, it's one of my most favorite things to do.
oody453 writes at 5:27:09pm on 10/30/12
love your avatar!!!so awesome!
surfer01girl writes at 11:11:26am on 10/27/12
You're from myrtle? That's awesome! I go there literally every weekend with my friends XD.
pea123nut writes at 3:51:33pm on 8/3/12
HEY, I beat you ;D ... And I totally didn't cheat or anything..psssh..
Rapta writes at 11:23:48am on 8/3/11
That's great! I can't wait to beat everyones high scores again. >:P
Rapta writes at 10:45:35am on 7/6/11
Good job being awesome.. N' stuff...
xxtakeshixx09 writes at 4:50:44am on 4/8/11
Thanks for the add :D
Duck Confit writes at 5:12:05pm on 4/6/11
If you want to play more, add my main account :)