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I am a one hander :D I use 3 fingers and I still use the up, down, left, right key configuration. I play on 1.5x with the arrows rising up.
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I listen to pretty much everything but country and jazz.
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4 years :D
Posted on: April 5, 2011, at 12:00:31am   [0 comments]
Haven't logged in or played actively for a while now, but I realized I have hit the 4 year mark of playing FFR as a member. Congrats to myself :D

2011 :D
Posted on: January 1, 2011, at 02:34:53am   [1 comment]
Happy new year everyone :D
New skill tokens :)

Posted on: December 24, 2010, at 09:01:57pm   [1 comment]
I meant to make this earlier, but because of a problem with my confirmation email and also from the fact that barely anyone will read this, I'm making this now. So anyway....

[X]50 FC's
[X]100 FC's
[X]150 FC's
[]200 FC's
[]250 FC's
[]300 FC's

[X] FC a difficult
[X] FC a very difficult
[X] FC a challenging
[] FC a very challenging (Closest so Far: TGWP Part 1)
[] FC a FMO (Closest so Far: Clockwork)

[X]5 AAA's
[X]10 AAA's
[X]20 AAA's
[]50 AAA's
[]100 AAA's

[X] AAA a Easy
[X] AAA a Standard
[] AAA a Tricky
[] AAA a Difficult

[X]10 Skill tokens
[X]25 Skill tokens
[X]40 Skill tokens
[X]50 Skill tokens
[X]55 Skill tokens
[X]60 Skill tokens
[]65 Skill tokens
[]70 Skill tokens
[]75 Skill tokens

[X]1 billion grand total
[]1.5 billion grand total
[]2 billion grand total
[]3 billion grand total

[] 500 profile votes
[] 1K profile votes
[] 2K profile votes

[X] Under 10000 Overall rank
[X] Under 5000 Overall rank
[] Under 4000 Overall rank

[X] Under 20000 Average rank
[X] Under 150000 Average rank
[] Under 10000 Average rank

[] Learn to play spread ._.

Best FC so far: Abtrusity (9)
Best AAA so far: Save me (5)

Posted on: November 16, 2010, at 02:12:33am   [5 comments]
Finally after 100+ tries, i got that stupid new "OMGWTFT0k3N" token. so painful. and it turned out to be a FGO song which i can barely pass since im a noob.

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mdebourg writes...
at 9:27:07am on 1/14/11
Tys 4 the vote:)
kjwkjw writes...
at 9:14:00pm on 1/12/11
Thanks for the vote!
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at 8:11:00pm on 1/9/11
Thanks for the vote :)
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at 8:42:23pm on 1/7/11
thanks for vote:)
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at 12:38:41am on 1/7/11
Thanks for the vote :)
Takeo Mamoru writes...
at 1:42:55am on 1/3/11
No problem :)
_Areyano_ writes...
at 2:55:07am on 1/1/11
hope you succeed at any/all resolutions you may have, im not sure what they are xP,but im sure you'll surpass them.
badman7772 writes...
at 2:52:22am on 1/1/11
Thanks for the vote! =]
Andrih writes...
at 3:37:14pm on 12/29/10
thnx for the vote!
ic0slay3r writes...
at 5:14:11pm on 12/22/10
thanks for the vote. :)
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