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7th Official Tournament: Blueblogll
Posted on: July 10, 2012, at 08:30:41pm

Another tournament, another blog is on its way, and perhaps another top 10 finish? I guess we can only find out as the tournament unfolds. This little mini blog is dedicated to my progress and what I think of songs and maybe other people's performances on my round's songs as I progress. I am in D6, the top division, and will continue to comment if I am eliminated. Let's start with round 1!

Round 1: Spoils (0-0-0-1) - People either really love or really hate this song / chart for some reason. I love it - I have the song on my winamp player, I have the Protest the Hero album actually. As for the chart, I hear people complain about this awkward left hand trill that appears in the song. Yet of all the gameplays i've had on it, I have never hit a good on it LOL. My goods come in random places, such as an 8th jump or a 16th 2 handed trill. I can AAA if I don't make a stupid mistake. There's nothing specifically difficult about the file to me. Well as of July 11 I have managed to booflag the song. Actually I'm quite fortuneate that boo wasn't an average as I hit it on a jumptrill just before the 8th jacks lmfao.

Round 2: Since 1983 (AAA) - Well this was a bit of a heart attack. I went to sleep 10 minutes before the round started, and woke up to see D6 already had 19 AAAs. I instantly knew this was going to be an AAA or die round so I decided i'd play this song and give it a shot even though I seem to be horrible at AAA'ing songs in tourmanets - last tournament I only AAA'd one song, which conveniently was also on round two. Sure enough, an AAA comes pretty quickly for me! I become the 20th to AAA just 9 hours into the round, and around 32 would AAA before days end. The song itself is amazing and D6 has been blessed so far with good music. We'll see what round 3 brings!

Round 3: Shotgun Surgery (0-0-0-1) - The long rock/metal song trilogy continues with this strikingly consistent file, and lo and behold what do you know, my score turns out to match that of our good friend EzE for the 3rd straight round. Sadly it's not an AAA, but a booflag, but I'm not playing for perfect scores, I'm playing to make myself play the tournament into the month of August. One week at a time is all I can do, all anyone can do. As for the song, I loved it. Division 6 has been receiving music right up my alley up to this point, whether or not that continues I cannot say. Only the tournament hosts know the answer to this, and even then, they don't know the answer until it's actually been decided upon as well! I'm probably going to stay pat with this score as I can't see 12 more people AAA'ing the song before Saturday night. Next round will be the first round I play in my new residence, so we'll see if that affects my performance...

Round 4: Sleepmix Strikes Back (2-0-0-1) - ELIMINATED - By far this is the song I'm having the hardest time with. The song itself I don't mind, there's one pattern that I seem to have a really bad problem with - it's known as jumpglut one on the isolation engine. This is the first round I have used that engine to see if I could better my score. Moving to a location didn't really do much to better or worsen my position, i'm glad I was able to move into an area that has stable internet though. What doesn't help is that I am sick and I am pushing this as best I can before the deadline. I have one more day of work and then I can spend Saturday working all day towards blackflagging this file, because that's clearly what's going to happen since EzE did it. lol ##

RIP - Getting sick, only to have a horrible case of food poisoning compounded sent me to the hospital and was unable to play for a better score in the final couple days, and my score was not good enough to send me to the next round; this completes my run of this tournament, the worst of my career. Not that it's my fault, health comes before tournaments any time. As of this edit on 8/5/12 I am still not 100% but I hope to continue to improve. I will post future rounds later to see how I would have done.

Round 5: Phi-Dentity Crisis (7-1-0-5) - I could do so much better than what this score was, but I've just been busy this week and haven't had much motivation to do well. I played it a few times today and mustered a 7-1-0-5 run, and a 1-0-0-3 run until the final 200 notes when I accidentally missed - that's too bad, I would have continued the scorebuddies streak with EzE. ha! I love the ending of this song, but it can be a real pain sometimes.

Round 6: Extratone Pirates (Drunk Optimus Remix) (8-4-5-9) - So for the week I was unable to get a run that I was able to do all pieces together well enough to crack the SDG mark, and my current FC on it is horrible with 50 something goods. My problem with this song is that I have a great tendency to randomly miss throughout the song. On this 8-4-5-9 run I had, I only had 1 good up to the final jumpstream, but lo and behold I missed halfway through the song where there are 16th jump trills that are incredibly annoying. Song itself reminds me of Keelhauled - Alestorm. lol ##

  1. Booflag buddies ##

  2. Just play some bursty file a few times and come back to Sleepmix. ##

  3. hoping you get better soon D: