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Hi, I'm a rhythm gamer and music producer. I'm 16 years old, and I started playing StepMania when I was 12.
I like playing DDR and PIU, and work on black MIDIs in the BMT. I also like programming and music production in general.
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Favorite movies? End of Evangelion.
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_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 12:52:11am on 8/23/19
Time to Yeet myself outta FFR
_DJ Vinyl_ writes at 12:41:12am on 12/1/18
:P good luck on tourney
Rapta writes at 11:48:30am on 11/24/18
Raptr sounds like a cool dude :o
Gratz on d5
BedrockSolid writes at 10:36:24am on 10/20/18
and welp thanks for d5 too! finally passed top 500 in US
BedrockSolid writes at 7:02:07pm on 10/19/18
big shoutout to Foxfire and Raptr for helping me figure out how to fix FFR input lag and other issues because now i'm grinding this game
Z V I E R A T writes at 5:25:56pm on 7/12/17
MSB Khelly writes at 1:23:04pm on 12/18/16
I found you
Sanjixcon writes at 2:24:21pm on 7/31/16
np thank you :)
BedrockSolid writes at 6:41:57am on 6/26/16
gotta go fast must get gud for tournament