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yea im not alike addicted to MCR and music and my friends are my life. watev im BI so wat? ur scared then leave me alone . i like black alot its my own color. purple, a sexy color. neon, 80's. and red, blood. i love the taste of blood u cud say im obbsesd with vampires and any vamp. books like TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, ECLIPSE...VAMPIRE KISSES 1,2,3,4. VAMPIRE DIARES, THE CHRONOCLES OF VLADAMIR TODD, THE VAMPIRE ACADEMY, AND a series about vampires and carpathians...uhm one book is called DARK CELEBRATION.... i also like BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE. my birthday is may 10th . brown hair blue eyes tht change color all the basic crap. yes i am a girl and i have a boyfriend. :] but i love everyone so unless i say i hate u and mean it imnot mad unless i tell u i am. :D
music, skateboarding, friends, drawing, painting, writing songs/poems, and clay! i love anime..... lol ANIME- air tv NARUTO this ugly yet beautiful world DEATH NOTE BLOOD+ VENUS VS VIRUS KANON dn angel inuyasha fma air gear AND MANY MORE!
Fav Music:
MCR FOR EVER ! uhm alt./emo/rock/punk/screamo/metal(heavy gothic grunge)/anything NOT rap , hip hop, soul, or country, or anything like that..... blech THE FOLLOWING LIST IS IN NO SPECIFIC ORDER. MCR,to be juliet's secret, nothing unexpected,birghtline,closed heart surgery,the apathy eulegy,the keepers, around tiffany, everdae,secondhand serenade, saosin, marilyn manson, yellowcard,kenotia,eyes set to kill,A7X,a day to remember,cute is what we aim for,eleven:54,copeland,blink-182,jamisonparker,emosideproject,camera cant lie,sing it loud,trillit,cobra starship,boys like girls, the starting line,love.story.hero, love hate hero,making april,scary kids scaring kids,chiodos,simple plan,eighteen visions,the adored, jeffree star,cartel,truth in fiction,hawthorne heights (rip casey), the used, fall out boy, relient k,panic at the disco,hellogoodbye,secret and whisper, the matches, muse, korn,metallica,greenday,amber pacific,taking back sunday,dance gavin dance,in theory,wakefield,death cab for cutie,AFI,H.I.M,the rocket summer,good charlotte,nofx,mxpx,second day crush,senses fail,the forecast, permenant me,the red jumpsuit apparatus,metallica,midnight sun,too sorry for apologies,no one goes home,the spill canvas,the hush sound,the lush,lostprophets,promise me scarlet,between the trees,we start fires,roadside view,30 seconds to mars,monty are i,evanescence,adam and andrew,mayday parade, linkin park,a skylit drive,ashley parker angel,10 seconds later,to write love on her arms,fight!fight!fight!,flyleaf,silicon fly,raining and ok,random eye,kisses for kings (formerly A PERMENANT HOLIDAY),alton cove,gillmore, social distortion,this is gonna be awesome,un written law,carlys song, AND my summer plan. im done those are almst all the bands i like....
Fav Movies:
castle in the sky, howls moving castle, nightmare before christmas, edward scissor hands, dracula anything by tim burton
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im bak
Posted on: May 25, 2008, at 03:12:42am   [0 comments] hated for un known reasons..some one please help...:(

Posted on: April 28, 2008, at 02:46:45pm   [0 comments]
As the
Wind blows
The feathers away
From the angel’s wings,
The ground slowly sucks the
Feathers to its surface and lets them
wait for the wind to blow them away again
While being part of a musical breeze and with the
Movement of the leaves and the saying of the trees. While
The tunes of the past combine with the tunes of the present time
And the notes change with every other breath of that angel whose voice
Caresses the average human and changes the music in everyone’s head no
Matter how small. And with a sense of humanity in the eyes of the devil’s angel
Who plays the music of her heart and wishes upon stars to save all of her soul.
A mere orphan attracted by the chiming and ringing of the music
By the angel
Who sends
The music to
Beautiful trees
And watches
Them dance
In the musical
Breeze of summer
That the orphan
Has grown to
Know and now,
ever since, all the child has heard was music.

Posted on: April 28, 2008, at 02:41:55pm   [0 comments]

white is for magic<3

Posted on: April 28, 2008, at 02:38:40pm   [0 comments]
fireflies at night
while the wind begins to blow
the stars are shining bright
as the trees sway to and fro

prodigious flowers bloom
in the summer air
at night they're in their tombs
closed with no color to share

rain develops fast
and the wind gets real strong
like a gentle babies cry that lasts
the storm wont stay long

and when you walk outside
the clouds became real low
not caring whether they divide
its just the blood that shows

the graveyard has a scene
and a murderer has gotten loose
you think this is a dream
yet this is the truth

someone comes up behind you
all you can do is scream
for you have to time for a clue
when all you remember is a beam

the flashlight was to blind you and
then he took a gun
u walked on command
while you couldn’t run

then the sun came out
and the man began to sigh
for the police would see him with out a doubt
but the wind began to cry

you turned around and saw
what was a despair
the flesh of humans raw
and he didn’t want to share

he took you to an alley
and almost shot u down
until the girl names sally
called all the police in town

the man was taken in
and you then were set free
you went back to where you’ve been
with the excruciating memory

so just remember this
the day was still good
flowers filled with bliss
in the neighborhood

and with the fireflies at night
and the wind starting to blow
a gentle babies fight
will always let you know

Posted on: April 28, 2008, at 02:38:00pm   [0 comments]

have you ever been glued
on the ground like a bird
with broke wings?
have you ever wanted to fly
through the sky and never
come down, but something,
anything is holding you back?
and at times your wings
get to heavy to bare;
pulling you down as you try
and struggle to leave.
Nothing feels worse than knowing
That you have the ability
To just soar, but you cant.
And that has got to be one of the worse feelings in the world.

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Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 11:13:53am on 3/22/09
hahah very nice
awh... do soemthing
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 6:52:15pm on 3/17/09
oh danf
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 1:04:41pm on 3/15/09
woot woot
so what is new with u?
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 8:32:23pm on 3/11/09
geeze thanks for callin me uncool
haha its all good i never go on
and yes the cat is cute
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 9:51:27pm on 3/10/09
well im uncool at making pics
animerulz101 writes...
at 8:47:50pm on 3/6/09
thanks for the invite^^
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 8:34:06pm on 2/25/09
shirt less guys not at pools are ok.. the the bro factor.. ni dont know
im just tired and u?
oh look what i did to a pic..
i made it black and white XD
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 10:36:32pm on 2/15/09
oh dang that is HOT!!!
did u know.. i when to a my firends house.. and her adn another friends all slept in a single bed, we chilling with group of people drinking, got attacked by some random people (hugs). and my baby sister was happyer my cell was home insted of me lol
yes im awesome like that
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 8:03:56pm on 2/12/09
lol i am jellous :P
Cappuccino_girl writes...
at 7:42:05pm on 2/12/09
lol.. niice one
i didnt get what u said :S
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