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Askur Yggdrasils
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Comment wall
MarioNintendo writes...
at 3:18:21pm on 9/16/14
18:00 will be
Charu writes...
at 12:59:09pm on 9/15/14
Currently I'm at work, so I'm unavailable on Skype at the momento!
Charu writes...
at 12:37:03pm on 9/15/14
Unfortunately I do not. I can certainly try, but I'm not in the know how to make one, dohoho
Charu writes...
at 12:27:37pm on 9/15/14
samurai7694 writes...
at 6:45:00pm on 3/19/14
I have nothing in mind except for something crazy with time signatures and key changes. Dore-style charting!!
Skelogon writes...
at 2:08:06am on 3/10/14
nice replay! what engine? I am still using Velocity Engine
Skelogon writes...
at 9:08:37pm on 2/9/14
Hi, do we know each other? haha, been a while.
Lambdadelta writes...
at 3:57:41pm on 10/1/13
I'm Mike btw, also yeah I might be mistaken on exact information just a friend told me about the tree a while back.
Lambdadelta writes...
at 11:29:21am on 9/29/13
Was just looking at your username.
Yggdrasil is a tree from the viking period.
Sidek writes...
at 7:08:31pm on 9/26/13
nice simfiles
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