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marv_boy writes...
at 10:32:54am on 2/22/09
waz up
moondoggie_luv writes...
at 3:30:07pm on 4/23/08
i never realized u lived so close to me XD
Green Hell writes...
at 9:13:37pm on 3/28/08
You're a dumbass because you says that arguing with someone over the internet makes a person a dumbass, yet this is exactly what you're doing.
He's a fag because he called another guy an ugly bitch.
BemoB writes...
at 5:38:58pm on 3/28/08
O im a fag for standin up for my friend?
FYI--Your the ugly bitch that has no life.
all because of you writes...
at 10:23:23pm on 3/27/08
ohhh- and how? lol
NiLKA_N0ii writes...
at 10:11:24pm on 3/27/08
omg i hate it when teachers take away cell phones.
ive never got mines taken away but im ALWAYS texting in class
some of the teachers in my school actually tally how many cell phones they take away
it bugs me so bad
well i hope you get your cell phone back :D
BemoB writes...
at 6:29:17pm on 3/27/08
Back the fuck off her she didnt do shit to you fuck off bitch.Kalyerx.
all because of you writes...
at 6:00:37pm on 3/27/08
have what??? lol
kalyerx writes...
at 4:32:23pm on 3/27/08
Ehhh man whore shut the fuck up. Your ugly.
berel writes...
at 6:38:57am on 3/27/08
Hello :)
Thanks for the thump up :)
*did same thing*
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