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Why hello lag
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We meet again

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SlayerApocalypse666 writes...
at 6:11:53pm on 1/23/13
Zyphoror writes...
at 10:30:16pm on 11/18/12
In all honesty though, the vid title was sarcasm. Perhaps it wasn't clear enough, oh well. DDR/ITG/SM/FFR are the notable rhythm games that use upscroll. IIDX/Pop'n/O2Jam/newly implemented Osu!mania mode are the notable rhythm games that use downscroll. Not every rhythm game but the games noted (first set) uses downscroll, such as Technika and Osu (standard/Taiko, Catch The Beat isn't really a rhythm if you ask me..). Please don't make stupid comments like that again.
Zyphoror writes...
at 8:13:26pm on 11/18/12
They are all impossible in every aspect
MephBoss writes...
at 7:52:31pm on 11/10/12
No you don't smile.
SC_coolguy44 writes...
at 3:18:11pm on 10/10/12
u hyped for the tourney in 3 or so hours? make sure u submit on time and regularly or our team will get deducted points :)
sspeckless writes...
at 3:56:30pm on 8/5/12
glad you finally got the AAA, guess i need more practice! good luck :D
DDRMXT writes...
at 5:04:47am on 7/9/12
hey bro nice AAAing Lunar Landing
ULTIMEGA writes...
at 11:00:00pm on 7/24/11
First person to vote on your pro.
Synthlight writes...
at 4:51:34pm on 7/2/11
First person to post on your wall.