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Heh I'm just a beginner at step mania but I'm pretty decent at most dance games though ^^. Also i've gotten better at making step files even thought i just use record ^^;; and in case the avatar wasn't a warning... i'm a furry ^^ *hahahaha* don't worry though i don't bite
Stepmania, DDR, watching youtube, playing games, watching television, making stepfiles, playing my stepfiles, testing them >_>
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I have to many songs to name just one
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I have to many movies to name just one
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My silly video
Posted on: April 21, 2008, at 07:47:26pm   [0 comments]
hahaha i post this silly version of my favorite song distance (you know the full version) anyway bahahaha!

Posted on: March 5, 2008, at 08:05:23am   [2 comments]
Well i'm gonna do a few stepfiles over:

Alumina (full version)
reason: it was my first stepfile and i F***ed it up

Hero's comeback
reason: I feel like i was just hit random arrows >_>

*note there are others but i just don't have time to post them currently*

Because i felt like it
Posted on: February 21, 2008, at 07:41:09am   [0 comments]
Well i'm still working on the Cartoon heroes song >_>;; but i completed some other ones ^^ like Asterisk, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, Alumina, and some others (note these are the TV sized openings... >_>;;)

To all who actually care
Posted on: December 21, 2007, at 01:49:25pm   [3 comments]
I'm gonna be working on a cartoon heroes step file... sooo yeah...

Because I'm bored
Posted on: December 13, 2007, at 08:27:54pm   [0 comments]

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Cristiano Ronaldo writes...
at 7:32:18pm on 6/4/08
oh lol sorry i didn't remember xD
and cool.
Cristiano Ronaldo writes...
at 11:55:29am on 6/3/08
excuse me? lol
EAGAMES writes...
at 10:07:13am on 6/3/08
You're welcome
d4u7211 writes...
at 4:13:56pm on 4/30/08
ohai :P how are ya? im bored, and listening to my little brother scream at halo 3 because hes no good at it lol
TF_Finalizer writes...
at 1:51:50pm on 4/30/08
Anytime ^^
fastfingers34 writes...
at 8:42:06pm on 4/29/08
how were u able to record without microphone?
knuckles2224 writes...
at 3:54:59pm on 4/29/08
Oh lol yeah slower Bmp is harder well still nice steps and no problem.
SioloiS writes...
at 3:04:45pm on 4/29/08
kool pro, thumbs up!
d4u7211 writes...
at 6:23:10am on 4/29/08
omg look a FURREH! lol, just needed to say hi to a fellow furry ^_^
Xtreme2252 writes...
at 5:36:26pm on 4/28/08
i'm fine :3
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