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Im a secret agent. I hate tuna. Im thee legal designated drinker. I go to college. I live in a town. Im preparing for the zombie apocalypse and you will be shot if we are being chased. Anything else you want to know, just ask. I dont bite on Fridays.
Anything and everything. Especially cookies... I have found that when I talk with Therverian? It feels like I've just drunk 12 cups of coffee and I could energize an entire city.
Fav Music:
My ears bleeding!
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Blood... and intestines.
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Skrillex - First of the Year(Equinox)
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XxWeskerxX writes...
at 10:01:22am on 7/31/12
whats your name ill look you up just explain yoiur pic
manga_freak101 writes...
at 2:20:45am on 7/10/12
nothin much been playing sk like its my life and going to the library woooo bout chu?
Spenner writes...
at 10:36:33pm on 7/9/12
Been doing well. Some pretty intense changes in my life are happening, for the better B) love life, positivity, enlightenment, creativity, lots of stuff. 8) its good. How about you?
XxWeskerxX writes...
at 7:47:30pm on 7/9/12
idc lol add me on facebook im corey rowe im wearing a black shirt with a black hat that has a dimaond shape on the hat with my hand on my chin
WSCB writes...
at 4:04:02pm on 7/9/12
lol no problem.
manga_freak101 writes...
at 3:11:07am on 7/2/12
allo thar
~zabuza~ writes...
at 10:12:58pm on 6/16/12
awesome :D:D our horse is doing ok now :p and me too need more details :)
WSCB writes...
at 10:28:13am on 6/9/12
Thanks for the vote!
XxWeskerxX writes...
at 1:13:29pm on 6/7/12
idk how far you live but we gotta party and drink one time man :)
SlayerApocalypse666 writes...
at 8:52:30am on 6/7/12
All the best people comment your page !<--+1
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