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If you really want to Know, you should ask. Cause im Done just telling people ^~^ pluss its more fun to be asked instead of stalked :O loool
FFR, Industrial, Cyber-Industrial (slight difference lool), Cyber Goggles ~drools~, and I don't really remember what else :D
Fav Music:
Dioxyde, EisenFunk, Asphyxia (not the Death Metal band >,<), YADE, and a few other Artists :x
Fav Movies:
Very Few, ask me when my head is clear and I might remember lool
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Posted on: January 30, 2011, at 04:13:28pm   [0 comments]
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Agent_Tuna_Ghost writes at 3:34:51pm on 5/4/12
I got a case of booze the other day. Then went to Zombie Prom in New Orleans. Where the hell were you?!
krazyoreo writes at 4:55:15pm on 3/12/11
<3 ily.
Agent_Tuna_Ghost writes at 1:33:37pm on 2/24/11
Im a Vodka or Rum woman... with the occasional Tequila. Im sure if I ate the worm and tried to shoot zombies, my end would be epic....
Thats how I want to die. Mmhmm.
Agent_Tuna_Ghost writes at 5:00:26pm on 2/15/11
Right... Then let the battle of the undead begin! Im rootin for ya so you know ;P
Wait! Put the apocalypse on halt! What shall I bring to drink?
Agent_Tuna_Ghost writes at 7:53:51pm on 2/6/11
lol right right... Though I doubt my undead carcass would let you achieve either of those in any way >.> Yeah im a douche.
Agent_Tuna_Ghost writes at 12:15:45pm on 2/1/11
Then im totally going to find you. Well hold up at your friends place. Ill bring some ammo and liquor :D
GaaMitsue writes at 4:07:56pm on 1/30/11
No problem, and thanks for your vote aswell ^^
Agent_Tuna_Ghost writes at 3:05:17pm on 1/24/11
Your welcome! Thank you for the rating and add as well!!
Just remember that ill be searching for you when the apocalypse does come. Sad to say that if your a zombie? Ill have to kill you :(
SarahStone writes at 9:45:13pm on 1/23/11
you'rewelcome :3
aznkilla50 writes at 11:38:06pm on 1/19/11
hey hey heyyy :)