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Posted on: October 24, 2010, at 07:38:22pm

yea guys sorry but i probably wont be lurking on FFR too terribly much. when FFR went down i had to find a new outlet to spend my life doing so im whoring halo reach now :P

but on a happy note, thanks for all the comments! i do remember each of you guys that sent me a comment this last week! if you wanna talk, add me on facebook since im on there everyday and just lemme know youre an ffr friend. and you can always text me but again, make sure you tell me who are you! happy ffring :)

360 888 0425

  1. lol nice x3, im sure you're pretty pro at that too :P

  2. add me, my gt is ToqsiK

  3. lol Halo Reach
    GT: sgo demon king
    Trust me, I am really good. Just play me and learn ^_^

  4. halo reach me too!gt is brisso50 im an eclipse let me know your name if you wanna add me so I accept you