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Oh boy, where can I start. Well, I'm 22 atm, as of 2016. Name's Ivan. Slowly smashing more and more arrows. I'm a gamer, hitting most genres. I main as an FPS bro but if the RPG/RTS/Racing/Fighting/etc., game is good enough, we playin'. I'm an instrument player, Clarinet and Piano mainly. I'm into guns, so there's that I suppose. And mainly, I'm on here a lot. And if not, FFR kindly sends me emails about notifications so I'll see them if you poke a hi.
A lot.
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Anything good
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Can't really say I have one.
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Posted on: October 6, 2016, at 09:55:35am   [0 comments]
After a very long time I finally hit 4 Billion points WOOOOOOOOO
Posted on: September 1, 2016, at 11:57:59pm   [0 comments]
The goal to Dance Genre all FC's begins...
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HillyHana writes at 9:47:49pm on 10/16/16
No way you have a ps4?! You should totally get on it even if you prefer xbox! :D Do you happen to have BF4 for ps4?? I bought it but I've never tried it out!
I would highly recommend Rocket League though, it's super fun especially with friends!
That is ironic! What did you do with your mom? I was lucky enough to be sent home with my mom's famous banana bread c: YUM!
HillyHana writes at 7:04:44pm on 10/16/16
That's exactly how I am! We're nocturnal!! In that sense I guess Vegas is suiting for us since it's the city that never sleeps! 24/7 everything! I actually do all my grocery shopping at night to avoid the crowds lol.
I miss Halo!! I've thought about getting an xbox one since all my friends have it.. But I just don't have the funds right now with furnishing my new apartment and all!
I play a lot of Blops3 currently, would be so fun to play with you! :( Do you like Rocket League? I've been getting into that recently.
So far this weekend I've been hanging out with my family a lot :D I'm at my mom's place right now just hanging out before we all have dinner together. :))
HillyHana writes at 1:22:34pm on 10/16/16
I relate 100%
My body resists waking up in the morning.. Even if I go to bed as early as 8pm if I gotta wake up at 5/6am my body rejects it. Like nope, not gonna open my eyes, no thanks lol!
Well I hope work went well for you today and you can get it over with and move on to doing funner things! :)
HillyHana writes at 12:25:39am on 10/16/16
What a treat! You got to see a ton of snow! Please tell me you went sledding!! That's the funnest thing ever!!
Oh no you have to work on weekends? :/ That's a bummer..
I finally condensed my what was 3 jobs down to 1 and luckily it's an 8-5 weekday job so my weekends are always free. What is that you do for work out here?
I hope this site can thrive again too, it's a neat lil website. c:
Btw, I was meaning to ask you what games do you play on xbox?
HillyHana writes at 3:45:06pm on 10/15/16
I like the game itself, definitely why I'm on here. It's odd though seeing all these dead profiles. It looks like a graveyard for myspace lolol.
True! I was thinking of ordering one of those super cool light up keyboards off amazon haha ;D
How do you feel about the snow? It's beautiful for sure and I have actually come to miss it (can't believe I'd be saying that)! Living in it every winter is hellish however..
I can relate to that, sometimes I just keep on rambling.. ><
What're you up to this weekend, anything fun??
HillyHana writes at 2:33:13pm on 10/15/16
Thank you! I really need to get a desktop computer before I can get better at this. I use a tiny pink hp streaming laptop for now. I spent all my money on my ps4 instead lol..
What compelled you to start playing ffr again?
Good point! You actually get to see real trees over that way! In Michigan it's nothing but forests so imagine the contrast of living there most my life and then being in the desert lol.
I'm glad to be your first friend since you've gotten back on, you seem nice and you're good with holding a conversation! I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.
HillyHana writes at 3:46:09am on 10/15/16
You have an extremely cool name! Is your car equally as cool?? B) Your hint "when it works" makes me think not so much haha
Oh wow, that must've been weird going all the way over to the East coast for 6 months. I don't think I'd be a fan of that. Unless it were New York or possibly Boston!
You're my first friend on my new account! haha wooo!!
Also, why're you up so late? :o
HillyHana writes at 3:17:00am on 10/15/16
Haha good point! Most people I ask do say they're originally from California. I however, am not the majority it seems! I've slowly moved my way towards the west coast throughout my life. Started out in Michigan, then over to Colorado, a couple years in Idaho and now Nevada!
I can't believe you just said the driving can be entertaining lol! It's mad! You should see my car.. It was this beautiful little Kia Rio when I got it.. Now it's a dented mess D; I had gotten in 2 accidents in 5 days over last summer ><
What's your name btw? :)
HillyHana writes at 3:04:00am on 10/15/16
True! I've lived out here almost 2 years now. The only thing I really dislike is the driving haha it's crazy!!
Were you born here? :o
HillyHana writes at 2:05:33am on 10/15/16
Oh cool you live in Vegas! c: