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Holy Shit I Hate Miley Cyrus
Posted on: April 26, 2009, at 05:14:38pm

  1. It's the Cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimb!! i love Miley Cyrus!!!

  2. Bwahaha
    I agree.

  3. Bwahaha
    I agree.

  4. adam

  5. /rant

  6. i fucking hate her

  7. Honestly said, you're hating her for doing those eyes like an asian. But I don't really care about it. She just wants to be just as hot an asian...

  8. as an* (freaking did it again)

  9. The only thing I do freaking hate about her is that she doesn't sing but just playbacks her songs...

  10. You should watch the movie "Heckler"
    It made me stop saying things like this.


  12. so much <3 from this vid. :D :D :D

  13. *kill me now heh heh*
    did you know... Miley Cyrus is exactly three days older than me!

  14. P.S. I hate Miley AND the Jonas Brothers. I hate Disney Channel Entities, period.

  15. xDD i dont like her ,too but my last name is cyrus too. have to deal with that xDD

  16. i hate her as well

  17. roflmao im in love with you know xD
    you forgot to mention her big ass horse teeth dentures. not to mention shes a coked out whore. shes totally a tweaker its so obvious. she really CANT sing. but her brother can ^_^
    my friend Kelsey went to a Miley Concert and she stopped the concert for a full 10 minutes just because her hair was falling out of her pony tail ROFL

  18. o wow lol i fucking hate her to but that song its to climb i can sing that way better the she can

  19. THANK YOU!!!! Someone needed to say it.

  20. miley n the jonas brothers suck. i hv no idea how ppl could luv them. ewww

  21. Actually, trainreq leaked her original pictures. Was the funniest moment in history XD

  22. hahahahaha
    I was listening to the background music you had going there. ;]

  23. YOU WIN !
    i should make a i hate miley vid too !

  24. Ya!! I fucking hate her to fucking death always and 4 evr!!! >.<

  25. Hate her.
    Nuff said.

  26. It's pretty sad that you want someone to die that you have never even met.

  27. tru dat, miley cyrus sounds like a man, and the jonas brothers are a bunch of little faggots

  28. omg i agree!!!! i hate her and the jonas brothers!! omg and how could she asians rule! <3

  29. as Miley Cyrus would say "You got Nerve" lol I hate dah bitch too... You know how hard it is to shop for my neice when all she wants is this Hannah Montana Shit!!! I am tired of fighting over weight house-wives for this shit lol. The only Hannah I love is My Hannah I'll cherish her till the day I die. ^_^

  30. as for the Jonas Brothers dont even get me started on the bunch of queer-ass pussies just set them on fire and watch Disney use them to promote Disabled people, Disney always recycles their shit until they are about to get sued. lol