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Posted on: June 4, 2009, at 12:15:43pm

As of this post, I don't yet have the ideal number of credits for hosting this event, and with the loss of the gambling hall, I fear people will be holding onto their wallets a little more tightly than usual.
It's critical that I have a small army of supporters, and possibly a few donators.

Down to business:
The tournament will be split into four divisions: vocals, guitar, drums, and bass. A participant may enter as many divisions as he/she chooses.
Each division will consist of 7 rounds-- one for each instrument difficulty. All songs will be played within the expert difficulty level.
No final decisions have been made as to the location of the songs, but I expect the tournament will only use songs from the ROCK BAND 1 DISC.
Each division will have credit prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. A player may earn prizes for multiple divisions, but may only collect one prize from the guitar/bass divisions. If a player does finish in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in the guitar and bass divisions, they will collect the credits from the division in which they placed higher. The prize they would have earned in the other division is awarded to the player who finished below them. If that player also finished with a credit award, he will collect the prize from the higher placement, while the other prize is bumped down again, and so on.
For times sake, I'll say that will answer most other guitar/bass division credit discrepancies.
Scores should be given in the form of a photograph, video, or even a screenshot if the player has software/hardware that would allow one to do so.
Unfortunately, I think we may have to rely on the honor code for the subject of cheating, but I wouldn't put too much thought into this because the same goes for every ffr tournament ever hosted here.
More details will come if/when the tournament is set.

You have no idea how much I'd appreciate it if EVERYONE WHO READS THIS (that means YOU!!!) would chip in and try to find people who are interested and refer them to me and/or donate. For hosting the tournament, I will be using the username, Rock Bandit. I will include a copy of this random thought as well as a list of people interested in playing/helping/donating to this tournament.

I want you to completely understand that I am 100% cereal about this. (*lol* but really though...)
I truly and honestly NEED YOUR HELP!!! Thanks ahead of time to all who support this!

Edit: Things are moving a little faster than I expected (good thing). Once I have around 15 players committed, I think I can muscle out a thread in the forums. Everyone on the list (located in username: "Rock Bandit" random thoughts)

  1. /Support.

  2. i dont have rb2
    i have 1

  3. oh and also.
    what system?
    or does it matter

  4. I don't have RB, haven't invested in my future PS3 yet. Go to my stalker's profile, he has a good list of friends who could help your cause.

  5. id do it

  6. I'll compete on an instrument to be decided at a later date. I'd hardly want to play drums if no one else did because it'd defeat the purpose. So, whenever everything gets fleshed out you can count on my joining in and helping if I can.

  7. I can play guitar but i only have rock band 1. I'm also on xbox.