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FFR's my favorite game. I support good grammar.
Swimming, FFR, reading.
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I Suck Because...
Posted on: January 15, 2008, at 06:14:25pm   [0 comments]
I have so few FCs.

Posted on: January 9, 2008, at 06:42:59pm   [1 comment]
I just checked my profile. Why are there over 1,000 views!?

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ShineyThighz writes...
at 1:30:39am on 3/26/08
sorry for the double message.... i think that came out werid for some reason... :-S i'll post a link below...
ShineyThighz writes...
at 1:27:38am on 3/26/08
Figured id go ahead and make you an avitar from the way ur current avi is i thought you liked simple ones :) so i just added your username in the bottom right and make the white transparent so the color of your profile/posts comes through, if your interested in getting another avi, for free leave me a message:)
BeYonD_GlOrY writes...
at 7:13:00pm on 3/2/08
hey would you please donate some credits to me
i would really apriciate it :)
omgitznpv writes...
at 7:56:15am on 3/2/08
irishknight writes...
at 11:20:04pm on 3/1/08
The world may never know. ;)
rsr2 writes...
at 8:15:08am on 2/26/08
Dude im sorry for not submitting a score for the tourny. I was really busy packing things to move. So I had really no time to get on and play :(
funmonkey54 writes...
at 7:45:43pm on 2/24/08
ok. profile design is kind of my thing. I make avatars, banners, and backgrounds. I also do layout. just tell me if you ever decide you want a really cool profile.
funmonkey54 writes...
at 4:03:54pm on 2/24/08
I can make you an avatar for a fairly che3ap price
QuadDamage writes...
at 9:38:47pm on 2/5/08
-Yukari- writes...
at 6:21:56pm on 1/25/08
The FMO FC is hard to get because of avmisses, for me =/ If this were Stepmania, I'm pretty sure I could FC every FMO in here.
Anyway, just try them all and focus on the one you think is easiest :) When you make it to 40000 credits (if you haven't already), K8107 is worth a try ^_^
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